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Welcome to the Toast web designers blog.

As a WordPress web design and build agency, we work on a wide range of projects for a diverse base of clients. Over the last 20 years, we’ve built 100s of websites, and our blog is a collection of information and insight about WordPress projects.

Our blog is curated into the following categories; Bespoke WordPress DevelopmentMaintaining WordPressMoving to WordPress, Optimising your websiteWebsite planningWordPress resources, general Web design postsWooCommerce and of course, WordPress SEO.

How we can help you.

If you are looking for a new WordPress site or want to improve an existing one, we can help.

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Securing your WordPress website
GDPR Checklist

GDPR Checklist

GDPR lands this month, and if you (like a lot of people) have not quite got around to getting everything sorted, panic not! Our GDPR checklist is here to help!

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WordPress upgrade help

WordPress upgrade help

WordPress does make it relatively simple to upgrade the core WordPress files and plugins to the newest versions, but it’s never something that should be done without following the correct procedure. We see lots of sites that are seriously out-of-date. This is often down to websites being left for months with no new content or […]

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website health check
WordPress site has been hacked

Help, my WordPress site has been hacked

Even as you read this post, there will probably have been some access attempts on your site – hacking is a real threat to all websites, but if yours is properly set up, you can avoid it. Protecting your site from hackers is very important. If you do get hacked it can take your site […]

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blank white screen

WordPress blank white screen

Known as the ‘White Screen of Death’ (or WSOD for short), this is caused by a misconfiguration or error somewhere in your install. The cause of this can be down to one or more of many different factors. You might have extra spaces (invisible) in your functions.php file, or there might be an issue with […]

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