WordPress for charities

When it comes to Charity website design, WordPress makes an excellent choice for a CMS – its ease of use and lower cost of deployment make it an attractive and worthwhile consideration.

Charity website design can be a challenge. You need your site to work well, but at the same time, you might not have a huge budget.

WordPress for charities makes good sense. Done correctly, WordPress can provide an incredibly flexible and easy-to-use CMS that’s ideal for small (or large) teams that need to contribute to the site regularly. What’s more, your WordPress site’s admin can be designed to match your needs.

Make your website work as hard as you do – let’s talk WordPress.

Easy Management

Taking advantage of WordPress’ categories and tags, it’s easy to build up large amounts of content that is easy to find and organise. Many charities have lots of different things going on – from fundraising events to news and regular blogs – WordPress makes it easy to keep on top of everything.

User management and access levels are also easy to manage – set up editors and contributors so new content can be proofed and approved before going live. Other assets are handled intuitively such as embedded video and PDFs for download – it’s easy to share this content on the site and integrate it seamlessly across your social channels.

WordPress also can be used to hook everything together – so your new posts automatically go to Facebook and Twitter, sign-ups go straight into your mailing list and other tools you use can be embedded easily on the site.

Always up-to-date

A question we are always asked regards costs in the future. A website is a significant investment for any charity, so it’s important to know that in two years, you won’t have to start again.  WordPress is Open Source, so the software has no up-front costs. It also updates itself, meaning that you’re not left with a site that’s slowly getting older, slower and less secure.

Having a strong bespoke theme also guarantees that this will be fully supported going forward – it’s future-proofing your site.


Customised for you

Every charity works slightly differently, so we build WordPress sites that are fully customised to meet your needs – not just on the front end but within the admin sections, too. Fully bespoke administration pages make everything quicker to work with – no big empty text box where you try to format your content – we build the sections you need, so everything is 100% intuitive.

If you also need to sell items online, there’s the option of adding a bespoke WooCommerce build to your site to enable you to start selling quickly with affordable set-up costs.

Wish you’d moved to WordPress.

If you’ve already got a website that’s built upon something loosely resembling a CMS, give us a call – we can help you make the move over.  WordPress for charities is a speciality.

Get your charity website on WordPress.