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We make WordPress simple. Bespoke design and theme build for people that want to manage their content, not their WordPress install.

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WordPress designers

WordPress is an excellent CMS, but in the wrong hands, it can turn into an overcomplicated nightmare.

We specialise in building sites that are content-first and designed for the sort of content you use on your site. We spend as much time working on how you are going to manage your content as we do on the design your site.

This means you can spend less time battling with the CMS and more time producing great content to engage and convert visitors.

Our sites are bespoke, we don’t use off-the-shelf themes and frameworks and you get exactly what you need – you don’t need to bend your content to fit into your site – your site is designed for your content.

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WordPress Agency Developers

WordPress is easy to use, so we don’t make it over complicated.

We believe that as it’s your website, you should be able to manage pretty much all of it without having to put in a call.

We lock nothing down, we don’t hide CMS features and we certainly don’t write overly complex code when something easy and simple will do.

Our clients can manage everything – menus, headers, footers, logos, content, galleries – the lot.

Being able to manage your site to this level means it’s quicker and easier to work on, avoids frustration and delays and puts you in charge rather than your WordPress agency.

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WordPress Experts

One of the reasons we moved to WordPress development over a decade ago was to take advantage of easy WordPress makes website development.

When built properly, your website will become amazingly easy to use. And the easier it is to use, the more you’ll use it.

Rather than using over-complicated page-builders, we’ll talk to you about the types of content you need on your site, and build you a flexible, modular way to build your content out without having to worry about anything more complicated than simply adding the content.

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Tried and tested tools.

We use a range of premium plugins on all the sites we build. These plugins add awesome functionality to our sites. This makes it easier for you to manage your content, provides better reporting and makes it possible to track your keyword performance over time.

As we hold developer-level licences and premium accounts with these tools, all this amazing functionality is included in our builds as standard.

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Better Content Management

No more WYSIWYG battles.

Let’s keep the main editor just for text. Our sites are built from custom modules – and these are in turn, custom-built for you.

No two WordPress sites that we build are the same. Everyone’s content is different, so we don’t think you should have to battle with a content management tool and bend your content to fit. We’ll build you a CMS that’s fit-for-purpose.

Doing away with complex page builders.

Templated page builders can be great for micro and small sites. But when your site is large, with lots of different content on the page, they can become a nightmare to manage.

If you have a team of people that need to work on your WordPress site, this can be even more tricky.

Whilst page builders do give you flexibility in terms of structuring content, styling it is a completely different matter. With each ‘box’ comes a huge array of choices and options for styling and layout – you have to remember what you’ve done where and it can quickly become an aesthetic disaster.

Our process sets out all the styling for your site during the design stages – you don’t need to even consider CSS when adding your content – you just get on with it and our lean CSS takes care of the rest.

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Optimised websites.

Everything we build is externally audited to grade our sites from 0–100. We share these reports with our clients so they can see just how ‘good’ their new site is in terms of potential errors on the site that could cost rankings.

Obviously, your new website has to look great, but there’s so much more to a successful site than simply looking good. With more and more sites competing for the first page of Google (et al) we like to make sure there’s nothing on your site that will hinder your ongoing SEO and marketing efforts.

As sites change over time, we proactively monitor our website support clients’ sites to keep them in tip-top condition.

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About Toast

100% WordPress development.

We design and build websites exclusively on WordPress. We can help you plan, structure, design, build and optimise a new or existing WordPress site to make the most of content management and high rankings in the search results.

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Who we work with.

Our web design and build clients range from Startups, SMEs, Charities to larger companies and Local Government. WordPress makes a great content management system for any size of business and as a WordPress web design agency, we can help you get the most out of it.

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Our Team.

We are UK-based and we complete all WordPress development projects in-house. We’ve 15 staff over three floors who look after our website projects. We have in-house capabilities for web development, build, SEO, support, project management and inbound marketing – we build SEO friendly sites that are very easy to manage.

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Where we are.

Toast is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and we work with clients across the UK. You’re more than welcome to visit the Toast studio to meet the digital team and find out more about how we can work with you.

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