Selling online with Woo.

As experienced WooCommerce developers, we can plan, design and build your brand new WooCommerce website.

Selling online can be a complex task. Every WooCommerce site we’ve built has its own unique requirements, and we know yours will too – we can help you with this complex WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce is an enterprise-level e-commerce platform, built as a plugin for WordPress. It’s a large and complex plugin but used properly, you can be selling online in a relatively short time.


WooCommerce developers

Bespoke built WooCommerce

We built this fully customised WooCommerce site for the Rugby World Cup 2019.

It includes a customised WooCommerce install to allow visitors to build their own hospitality packages.

WooCommerce Experts

Selling just more than products

WooCommerce is great at selling standard and variable products, but it can also be used to sell virtual items.

This bespoke WooCommerce site for Hook Norton brewery sells a range of virtual items.

Keeping Woo simple.

WooCommerce can get complicated, so you need an agency with experience.

Woo works straight out of the box, but just like many clients, you’ll have specific requirements. Therefore, it’s important to work with WooCommerce developers that can do more than just a basic WooCommerce install.

You’ll need to consider your products, variations, delivery options and any other functions such as discounts, wishlists and affiliates.

We’ve wide-ranging experience in both basic WooCommerce installs, subscription offerings, premium plugins and bespoke WooCommerce builds, so you’ll be working with a WordPress agency that knows what it is doing.

WooCommerce planning

An effective WooCommerce site is a well-planned one, so our WooCommerce developers will help you:

  • Best to organise your products (categories, tags, variations, delivery charges, shipping zones)
  • Specific WooCommerce functionality, and any plugins needed to accomplish this
  • Overall site structure, wireframing, information architecture and user experience
  • The buying process and how to accommodate the unique needs of your target market
  • User personas and what your key customers want from the site
  • Keywords that convert – no point ranking for generic traffic that bounces
  • Product landing page structure, conversion triggers and calls-to-action
  • Mobile and tablet optimisation
  • Social media functions and a whole range of other important stuff

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Additional functions.

Tell us what you need

Whilst WooCommerce is free, you may well need some premium plugins to get the site functioning how you want.

The basic install of WooCommerce is free, but they make their money from selling additional plugins to add functions to your site.

Be prepared to invest some budget in these.

Whilst it can be tempting to use custom code to add functions to your WooCommerce site, you are better off buying the plugins.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The plugins are kept up-to-date – no need for out-of-date templates in your WooCommerce installation
  2. Code ages. If you have too much bespoke work done, where a plugin would have solved it, it can cause issues further down the line
  3. They are yours! We encourage all our clients to buy their own plugin licences – this means that you own them, not us.

From our experience as WooCommerce developers, we know that you are far better off spending a bit of cash on a plugin that does the job rather than trying to cobble together something that ‘sort of’ works.

As WooCommerce is complex and is updated regularly, ensuring everything works together properly is crucial for the success of your site.

Bronnley WordPress agency

Moving from Magento to WooCommerce

We moved Bronnely from an old Magento site to a vastly improved WooCommerce website.

Vocovo WordPress Site

Using WooCommerce as a bolt-on

We rebuilt Vocovo’s online store to make it easier for customers to use.

Already live with Woo?

If you already have a live WooCommerce site but want to improve it, we can do that too.

A growing part of our WooCommerce work is helping existing website owners improve previously-built WooCommerce sites.

This involves improving the build and functionality of the site, on-page SEO and site structure.

When you first launch an e-commerce site, you know that it’s going to be hard to get sales, but people often don’t understand just how hard this can be.

With so much choice online, your just a slow page load away from customers abandoning their carts.

If your existing WooCommerce site isn’t performing as well as you would like it to be, give us a call on 01295 266644, we can take a quick look and suggest how we can best help you.

Bringing it all together.

From planning to design and build, we can manage the entire project for you.

The last thing you want to happen on a WooCommerce project is to find that the work is being outsourced.

We manage all WooCommerce projects 100% in-house and as a result, you benefit from being able to speak directly to the team that is working on the project for you.

Every WooCommerce project we work on goes through research, planning, design and development stages before we get to final testing and go-live.

Furthermore, we have a post-live process that ensures your newly launched site is fully optimised and fast.

Need a WooCommerce site?

We can help you with all things WooCommerce – from design and build to maintenance and SEO. Call us on 01295 266644 or complete the form and we’ll get in touch.