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We design and build bespoke WordPress websites.

There is a distinct difference between ‘customised’ and bespoke and it’s an important point to consider when commissioning your website project.

We can design and build you a bespoke WordPress website – in our terms, that means you get a website that does exactly what you need it to do. 

WordPress is awesome, but far too many people are sold a ‘bespoke WordPress site’ only to find that what they actually have is an off-the-shelf theme with a page building plugin installed.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with free WordPress themes, but having to manage every single box of content in terms of styling takes forever.

If you are considering a bespoke WordPress website, we can get it sorted.

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Here’s how we do bespoke.


Rather than diving into the design, we’ll find out exactly what you need your site to do. This includes:

  • Website objectives
  • Site functions and ‘must-haves’
  • Custom admin pages so managing content is intuitive and easy
  • Internal publishing workflows and user roles
  • Existing and desired rankings for Keywords
  • Site user personas and journeys
  • Wireframing and UX


Design & Build.

All our sites are built on our own bespoke theme. This starts with as few lines of code as possible, and we only build in what you need.

  • Design research and mood boards
  • Initial design concepts & big ideas
  • Design development and AI based on users and journeys
  • Refining designs to final approval
  • Site built-out on our bespoke theme
  • Admin interface design and custom content blocks


Building you a leaner, faster site.

If your WordPress site runs off an off-the-shelf theme, there’s a good chance the theme template files run to 100s if not 1000s of lines of code.

This is generally fine – it can be minified, compressed and so on. But why use that code if it’s not needed?

Off-the-shelf themes often try to do everything to appeal to as many people as possible.

We think your site should only do what you need it to and grow in functionality as-and-when you need it. It shouldn’t try to do EVERYTHING from day one.

Recent projects

A Plan WordPress Site

Bespoke WordPress site for A-Plan Insurance, hosted securely on HTTPS to keep the site secure.

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Bronnley WordPress agency

If you run a WooCommerce site, security is really important. SSL is the minimum you should ensure.

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We can also help you keep improving it.

A website is a process, not a project.

Once live, there are many things that need to be done to get the best out of your new bespoke site.

Content production, on-page SEO, link building, social media and analytics are just a few of the things we work with on a daily basis for clients to win them new business and get them found in searches.

Toast is split over three floors, with design, WordPress and inbound marketing teams.

We can help you with every aspect of your site moving forward. 16 staff, three floors and all the digital marketing experience you need under one roof.

Going bespoke with your WordPress website

If you have a current WordPress site that’s a little past its best, talk to Toast about upgrading and improving it with a new bespoke build.

We can work with your current design, or develop that too.

What you’ll end up with is a faster, easier to use website that will win you more new business.

For a free, no-obligation chat through your current site and requirements, call us on 01295 266644 or visit our contact page and complete the form.

Recent projects

Westminster Waste Website Design

A large corporate website for Westminster City Council. We’ve helped develop this site for over five years.

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WordPress for Local Government

An information-based website for the County Councillors network. Built on Toast’s own bespoke WordPress theme.

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Ten reasons why you should consider a bespoke WordPress website.

  1. It’s going to be easier to use from a day-to-day management perspective
  2. Speed is dramatically increased
  3. Admin pages that are built specifically for the things you need them to do
  4. Made to WordPress theme guidelines so won’t use dodgy or hacky code
  5. Additional WordPress development is problem-free
  6. Built on a theme supported by a large WordPress agency, not a one-man-band
  7. Premium paid-for plugins from trusted developers
  8. Reduced development time & quicker deployment
  9. No waiting for theme updates
  10. Reduced risk of hacking
Bespoke WordPress site

We can help you build your new bespoke WordPress website.

We only build bespoke WordPress websites.

All our projects follow a tried and tested process, from planning through to development.

We’ve been working on websites since ’97, so we have got the experience our clients need to deliver a project properly. If you’d like a no-obligation quote, drop us a line.

We'd love to talk about your project.