Good WordPress hosting is critical.

If there is one thing that we can not stress enough, it’s the importance of good hosting.

No matter what you have spent on your website, don’t scrimp on the hosting environment.

Hosting is the most crucial thing to get right because it is the backbone of your site.

WordPress has a unique set of requirements and these need specialised WordPress hosting.

If you stick your site on some cheap-as-chips hosting company, it’s going to cause problems.

Get better hosting

Our experience.

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Better WordPress Hosting

We look after 100s of websites and over 20 years, we’ve used pretty much every hosting platform you’ll have heard of.

This means we have experience of the WordPress hosting environments, speed, technical support and actually using these hosts for lots of different sites – from small brochure-style websites to large corporate mega-sites.

Here’s what we know about cheap hosting providers.
Speed is ALWAYS an issue on cheap shared servers.

Your site will be hosted on a server with 100s of other peoples websites.

This means your site is vulnerable to any errors or problems caused by 100s of other people.

The technical support is not great.

Fancy waiting 24 hours for a support response to a question to only they be told it’s the developer’s fault rather than the hosting?

This is a favourite of cheap hosting providers – they keep you waiting forever and then tell you the problem is your own fault (when 99% of the time it’s not).

In order to get effective support from these people, your request has to be escalated above the initial support agent (who knows nothing) and this can take days.

Great if your site is down. Hosting is COMPLICATED, the least you can expect is to speak to someone who knows what they are doing.

Get managed hosting

Your site up and down like a yoyo.

It may only be for a few seconds here or there, or it might be half the night, but your site will be down for more often than you’d like.

That one great customer that’s just about to convert visits your site when it’s down? Off they go to a competitor.

You’ll find yourself in the middle.

If you choose a cheap hosting company and then expect this to become your developer’s problem, you can find yourself in the middle of an argument.

WordPress developers know crap hosting when they see it, and it can make working on your site take three times as long as it should do.

Your developers will simply tell you that there is nothing they can do as the hosting is at fault, and they will be correct.

Cheap hosting will cost you rankings.

Slow sites, poor page speeds and other cheap hosting favourites will hinder your attempts to gain ranking in the search results.

The slower your site, the less Google (et al) will be to index it favourably.

You also need to take into account the crawl budget – when the Googlebot visits your pages, it only has a few seconds to index the content.

If it’s hanging around for a slow loading page, you can forget the crawl.

The list could go on.

There are far more reasons to avoid cheap hosting packages like the plague, but you get the idea.

So what should hosting cost you?

You have a mobile phone, yes? £40-£50 per month so you can be contacted and make contact?

Think of this when you look at your WordPress hosting charges.

It’s it worth roughly the same monthly cost to have your website, that 24/7 marketing marketing

Our basic hosting plans start at £300 ex per year for hosting your site on a dedicated WordPress server that hosts no more than 50 of our other sites.

This means we know all the sites that are your neighbours.

So, for less than the average mobile bill, you can have your site on a dedicated WordPress server that’s super-fast, super-secure and will only ever benefit your site moving-forward.

What’s more, we get better deals than you.

We buy a lot of hosting, so as a result, we get better deals and plans.

This means that we can provide you with top-end hosting for your site for less moolah than if you went and got it yourself.

No brainer.

Get better hosting

Safe & Secure.

If your site is on WordPress, something is trying to hack it right now.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and that makes your site a target for hackers.

Security is something we take very seriously, and that’s why our hosting accounts have additional layers of features to keep your site safe.

On top of this, our servers only host sites we look after – we don’t host on shared platforms with potentially 100s of other unknown sites as potential bad neighbours.

Everything is always OK until it isn’t.

We don’t mind waiting a few hours for a flight, or a few minutes for a train, but from our experience, when most peoples website goes down, they want it back up and running NOW.

If your site gets hacked, it sometimes takes hours to get it back up and running.

On top of this, you understandably want your WordPress agency to drop everything they are doing and get your site live again.

Prevention is better than cure.

It’s far better to invest in great WordPress hosting to avoid this sort of thing happening in the first place.

Digital stuff goes down ALL THE TIME (you can see some stats here).

The best way to avoid this sort of thing happening to your site is to invest in decent hosting.

What about email?

Don’t host your email on your web server!

Email. Pretty much the most important B2B communication tool.

So don’t host your email on the same server as your website – you are just asking for trouble.

We no longer host email for anyone.

Instead, we recommend Google or Office 365 for your corporate email depending on your personal preference.


These are the dedicated systems and they are quite simply the best at it.

Sure, host your personal email wherever, but pay for your corporate accounts.

Secure, reliable and easily accessible email hosting will cost you less than a pint each month, so it’s affordable and worth it.

Moving email can be a right pain, but we can help.

Get moving.

It’s easier than you may think to move your website to better hosting.

When we move WordPress sites to new hosting accounts, there is virtually no downtime.

Moving sites is an automated process to copy over all the files and the database.

The only manual task is to update your domain to point at your new server, but we can sort all of this for you.

Move your hosting today


Your website deserves better hosting.

We can move your site to our dedicated WordPress servers. Our hosting starts from less than £30 + VAT per month, and there’s no charge to migrate your site. To get started, call Dave or Charlotte on 01295 266644 or complete the form.