We can help with all things WordPress

We design, build and SEO websites on WordPress.

100% WordPress.

We design and build sites exclusively on the WordPress platform. We build all our sites from the ground-up on our own WordPress theme so you get exactly what you need.


We know WordPress inside-out. Our team are experienced designers, developers and all-round WordPress advocates. We’ve created 100s of sites for clients ranging from startups to local Government.


Our team are experienced designers and developers, not techy geeks that only understand code. This means you’ll work with people that understand every stage of the process, not just one small part of it.


The team

David Foreman
David Foreman

Dave heads up the digital team at Toast, works on larger projects and is Toast’s go-to WordPress problem-solver!

Charlotte - Lead Dev
Charlotte Brown

Charlotte is our lead developer and manages web projects from planning through to go-live. She’s an experienced designer and WordPress developer.

Laila Boyles
Laila Boyles

Laila looks after hosting and support for our web clients. She’s in control of support and makes sure any problems are sorted.

Jade Mumford
Jade Mumford

Jade is our superstar junior WordPress developer. She works across a wide range of projects and looks after our smaller website projects.

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones

Trainee WordPress developer and uber-quick learner, Aaron is building sites for smaller projects.

Simon Brown
Simone Browne

Simon thinks about stuff, a lot. He helps our clients plan their sites and SEO, ensuring this important stage of the project is done properly.

Kelly Dudley
Kelly Dudley

Kelly works on content, on-page SEO and blogging. As an experienced copywriter, she combs copy, proof reads and publishes content.

Chris Tymon
Chris Tymon

Chris is a Director at Toast and heads up Toast Food – our team that specialises in branding, packaging and digital solutions for Food brands.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams

Mark is a Director at Toast and heads up the print department – creating all kinds of wonderful design work that’s still printed in ink!

Adam Buttress

Adam is a senior designer at Toast and has a wealth of experience in branding, packaging digital and graphic design.

Andy Ilingworth
Andy Illingworth

Andy’s a highly creative designer who works across a range of projects in the studio, from art-working to websites.

Janine Stirrat
Janine Burgess

Janine looks after Toast’s finances and is responsible for day-to-day bookkeeping and bean-counting.

Vaughn Armstrong
Vaughn Armstrong

Vaughn heads up Inbound – our HubSpot and inbound marketing team that work on larger retained accounts for lead building and marketing automation.

Don McEwan
Don McEwan

Don looks after HubSpot sales and marketing. He works on the inbound team to help clients move into inbound marketing and automation.

Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson

Rachel looks after social media and digital marketing. An experienced marketer, she helps our clients align their digital marketing strategy across all channels.

Lizzie Griffiths
Lizzie Griffiths

Lizzie writes and optimises blogs for content marketing. With a 1st Class Honours degree in Maths, she also loves statistics and data, making sense of it all for our clients.

Dan Stilgoe
Dan Stilgoe

Dan writes and optimises content, he also looks after WordPress content for retained clients and publishes keyword-targetted content.

About Toast Websites

Why we use WordPress

It’s Open Source.

WordPress is free. We don’t own the source code and we freely pass ownership of all code to you once our bills are paid.

It’s friendly.

If you’ve ever worked on a large CMS, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be. WordPress allows us to make managing your site and content easy.

Done properly, a WordPress site is intuitive and quick to use, saving you time and money. It also plays nicely with 100s of other apps for timesaving automation.

It’s not going anywhere.

With nearly 30% over the internet built on WordPress, it’s a solid future-proof choice for a CMS. Supported by 1000s of developers worldwide, you’re only going to see it get better and better.

Our story

Toast was formed in 1997 by Dave, Mark and Chris – three graduates from Oxfordshire School of Art & Design.

With no agency experience, Toast opened its doors in the January of ’97 and started to gain local clients by offering a different and new approach to design projects.

As our reputation grew, so did the demand for work.

We moved out of our college-based studio and into small premises in Banbury town centre, kitting out the studio with a hard-won bank loan.

Several years and office moves later we took on staff and continued to grow the agency, picking up more London-based clients as we went along.

We’ve worked on many different types of website, from hand-coded static sites to bespoke CMS builds and since 2010 we’ve been exclusively developing sites on WordPress.

Quick to see the potential of WordPress as a CMS, we were building client sites on it when others said it was ‘just a blogging platform’.

Over the last 20 years, Toast has grown into an agency of 15 talented staff, working on branding, design-for-print, inbound marketing and, of course, WordPress websites.

We now have dedicated teams for branding, print, inbound and WordPress and work with a huge range of clients both nationally and internationally.

Our ethos remains the same as when we first set up the business, and we’re still privately owned.

You’ll find that working with Toast is a little different from other agencies.

The sites we build

We predominantly build WordPress sites on our own bespoke theme. This approach means you get a site that does everything you need and nothing you don’t, keeping lean, fast and easy to manage.

We create custom admin pages to make your content easy to control and edit – you won’t need to mess about with code and we’ll build the CMS to match your content needs.

See our work

The people we work with

We’ve built sites a wide range of businesses from micro startups all the way up to local government. 

We typically work on projects ranging from £1,500 to £15,000 for bespoke builds.

For smaller businesses with tighter budgets, we’re able to offer sites built on premium WordPress themes – this means we focus on the content more than the build to keep things affordable.