Why improve?

If you have issues with your website, it’s not always necessary to start again.

If your site is built on a reasonable theme and uses trusted plugins, it can often be a case of just making some improvements to get your site performing better.

We can help you improve your site three-fold.

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1. Technical SEO

We’ll audit your site and provide a list of every single technical issue your website faces.

WordPress works beautiful straight out of the box, but when you start adding off-the-shelf themes and a range of plugins, stuff can get a bit more complicated.

A technical audit of your website will highlight everything that needs to be fixed or improved.

The benefits of doing this are huge – basically speaking, the more technically optimised your site is, the more Google is likely to rank it more favourably.

No one likes a slow website.

Site speed is a ranking factor. Therefore, if you have a slow website, it’s going to directly affect where you rank in the search.

If your competitor’s site is faster than yours, there’s a good chance they’ll outrank you – another no-brainer reason to technically optimise your website.

Technical SEO is often a mix of some things you can fix yourself and other things you’ll need to get a website developer to help you with.

Technical SEO should not cost you a fortune, but this does depend on the complexity and size of your website.

The good news is that our website audit service is free – you can get a full, objective report on your website now to show you what needs to be addressed.

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Website Optimisation Chart

Results-based optimisation.

We use SEM Rush for our deep-dive site audits. It reports progress, so all the fixes and improvements completed can be seen real-time.

When you team this up with Google Page Speed Insights, GT Metrix, Pingdom Speed Tests and a range of other checks, you know your site is pretty much as good as it can be.

2. On-page SEO

We’ll analyse your site’s on-page SEO and advise on how you can best capitalise on what you already have.

On-page SEO is all about what happens on your site.

It’s optimising the content to contain the keywords you want to rank for, looking at your site structure, marking up your images and internal linking (amongst other things).

Our process involves exporting your site to a Google Sheet and analysing your content and all the above to make sure everything on-page is done.

Why a spreadsheet?

The WordPress admin pages are great, and YOAST adds some great info on there, but to really plan your site and optimise it correctly, a spreadsheet makes more sense.

We do this with all the sites we optimise and have found it simply to be a better way of keeping track on all the little things you need to do that can be easily missed if you are working solely via the WordPress dashboard.

Getting started.

SEO is essentially advertising. So the first conversation we need to have is more business-related than SEO.

It’s important that any SEO agency understands your product or service, your niche and your objectives BEFORE they start talking about what they are going to be charging you each month.

If you want to talk about your SEO, call us on 01295 266644 or click below to drop us a message and get a free site audit – it’s the best place to start!

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3. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO simply refers to anything you do to improve your rankings that is not directly on your site.

Off-page takes in things like backlinks, social mentions, citations and a wide range of other stuff that influences where your site ranks.

It’s crucial to approach off-page SEO carefully and as part of a mapped-out plan.

If you don’t do this, your off-page work can end up looking inorganic, and this can be a message to Google that you are trying to spam your way to the top of the search results.

Off-page is complicated and takes time.

If anyone promises you instant results, avoid them like the plague.

Expectations are often too high when it comes to getting results quickly.

Off-page SEO takes, at an absolute minimum, three months, before you will see anything at all.

You’ll often hear SEOs talking about ‘easy wins’, and this is true – you’ll have some keywords hovering around the first page of results where some basic tweaking and off-page will positively influence these rankings, but these are often the exception, not the norm.


Website optimisation

We help Expert Court reports with on-page SEO and off-page backlink acquisition to improve the domain authority of this new website.


Off-page SEO is an investment.

You are going to need to be prepared to spend some money and wait some time for the results with off-page SEO.

Whatever your off-page activity, you are at the mercy of when it’s indexed by Google – so that backlink that’s been acquired on another site or all those tweets and posts have to be indexed by Google before they will influence anything to do with your site.

Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals.

Essentially a ‘vote’ from another site for your site, backlinks strongly influence your domain authority and your placement in the search engines.

However, because they are such strong influencers, getting it wrong can be disastrous for your site (see this older example about Interflora).

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4. Plugins & Themes

Too many plugins and cheap themes can cause issues with your site.

We see a lot of sites that have literally 100s of plugins installed to try and make a less-than-great theme do what they want.

Every plugin you install on your site makes your server work harder.

Some free themes also increase the risk of your site getting hacked.

Reduce the clutter, speed-up your site.

As your theme and plugins effectively make your site work, it’s crucial to make sure they are fit for purpose, secure and fast.

It’s possible to improve the performance of your site by auditing your plugins and theme.

If you have too many, we can look to provide a solution to reduce them or suggest better alternatives.

If your site started life on a free or premium theme framework that you’ve now outgrown, we can look to make your site better by migrating it to a new theme.

Having theme or plugins problems? Get in touch.

Benefit from improving your site.

A leaner, better organised and faster site sets you off on the right foot.

If you are trying to promote your site in any way at all, making sure that it is properly optimised isn’t just important, it’s curcial.

Marketing your website and winning hard-earned visitors only to have them bounce off your site due to a slow load or things not working properly is crazy.

If you think there may be something not quite right with your site, get in touch below for a free site audit.

This isn’t our opinion, this is a third-party tool we use that generates a list of what you need to fix.

There’s no obligation to use us to remedy the issues and you’ll not be hounded by salespeople.

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