Why WordPress

We can improve your WordPress site.

If you have a WordPress site that’s more than a few months old, there’s a good chance that we can improve it for you.

With so many different ways to build WordPress sites, it’s no wonder that some are built well and others are thrown together.

Working out where there is room for improvement in your WordPress site can be done quite simply using online tools such as Pingdom’s Speed Test, GT Metrix and SEM Rush, but there’s a difference between knowing what needs improving and how to improve it – it’s best to use a WordPress agency that knows its stuff! 

We’ll help you improve your WordPress site.

WordPress’ famous five-minute installation means that it’s easy to get a site up-and-running quite quickly, but what happens after that can make-or-break the performance of your site.

The theme and plugins you use on your site form the core of your install and if these are not optimised properly, it can lead to a slow site or conflicts that break stuff.

Improving and optimising your WordPress site is crucial so that it loads quickly, looks great on mobile and gives you the best chance of ranking in the search results.

A badly built and unoptimised site will struggle to rank (for anything meaningful) and can just be a real pain to manage.

How we can improve your WordPress site.

We’ll take a deep-dive into your site’s theme, installed plugins, hosting and any custom coding that has been added to your site to give you an objective report about where there is room for improvement.

This will include an SEM Rush Audit report which covers-off pretty much every aspect of your site from ALT tags right through to Uncompressed files.

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Once we have the site audit, we generally do two things:

  1. Advise you on the improvements you can make yourself
  2. Provide a cost to fix things that are more technical or complex

Some of our clients like to take the time to go through the site themselves and fix simple things like missing Meta Descriptions or ALT tags, other clients have us do everything – whatever works for you.

What you get.

Ultimately, improving your WordPress site means that you get a platform to market from that is as good as it can be. You’ll know that there are no technical or speed issues on your site that are hindering your SEO efforts. 

What can be improved?

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If your current site is slow, we can take a look at the hosting environment to see if that’s the initial cause of the problem.

If you currently host on a cheap shared server, this could be the simple cause of a lot of WordPress speed issues (especially if your admin pages are slow).

We can run a waterfall test to see exactly what is causing the holdups and how they can be fixed.

Reduction in plugins

Have you developers got a little trigger-happy installing plugins?

WordPress sites with lots of heavy plugins usage can cause conflicts and issues, so we’ll run an audit of your plugins to see what’s what.

Javascript and CSS

With plugins comes Javascript and CSS, and often quite a lot of it.

Your site might be loading in resources from all over the place to accomplish simple tasks. All this stuff slows the site and can also cause front and back-end issues.

We’ll make sure it’s minified and loads correctly.


Are all your images optimised correctly, or do you have a media library that’s fit to burst?

Some themes and build will literally serve up full-size images to visitors, or badly sized versions – this can make the front end of your site incredibly slow, and might also be affecting your server.

We’ll take a look at these.


Occasionally, we work on sites where the theme has been hacked about so much that it’s time to move on (this often happens when the WordPress agency that built the site didn’t really know what they were doing).

This doesn’t always mean huge expense, but it’s often better to migrate the site to a new theme than continuing to work on a bad one.

We work on a lot of sites that were originally built on a freebie theme, but this theme is no longer fit for purpose.

You’ll save money in the long run by migrating to something that works for you now and is scalable in the future.

With WordPress, it’s usually just a case of some tweaking

As WordPress does such an amazing job of separating the content from the markup, improving WordPress is often a case of simply diagnosing what’s wrong and making some small changes.

With all things WordPress, there are often lots of ways to achieve the same thing, for example, if you wanted to have a list of posts in a sidebar, you could:

  1. Install a recent posts plugin OR;
  2. simply code a sidebar with a standard WordPress loop to do this

The plugin is going to come with CSS and JS files, it might not play nicely with other plugins, it may have been abandoned by its developer.

The code option uses base WordPress functions to do the exact same thing – probably about 10 lines of code in a template file.

This is just one simple example of how, with a little creative thinking and expertise, we can make simple, but very effective improvements to your WordPress site.

Do you suspect there’s something not-quite-right with your site?

If your site is playing up, not working properly or you just have the feeling it could be better, give us a call on 01295 266644 – we can run a basic site audit and let you know exactly what needs sorting.

Our basic site audits are free and there’s no obligation to do anything else.

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