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A website audit (sometimes called a website health check or site audit) is an analysis of your website in regard to lots of different factors.

An audit is designed to show you what areas of your site need improvement and how to achieve this.

Since your website should generate enquiries and sales for your website, an audit can help you understand how and why to improve your site to get more leads and customers.

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What does a free audit include?

We use SEM Rush to generate our website audits. This is an industry-leading tool for all things website and SEO-related. Your website audit will include:

A domain report.

This provides information about your domain, such as domain authority, estimated organic traffic, backlinks and your organic search distribution.

A keyword report.

This includes a list of keywords that your site ranks for and the position you rank. This report also includes Keyword intent, search volume and competitors by keyword.

A site audit report.

This is an objective report on the health of your website. It reports on errors, issues and warnings and provides links to the affected pages so the problems can be fixed. The audit gives your site a score out of 100, so once things are working correctly, the audit can be re-run to demonstrate the effectiveness of any remedial work.

Ongoing reports.

For a small monthly fee, we can set your site up on our SEM Rush account and provide automated monthly reports for keywords, site health, rankings, backlinks and other metrics. Contact us for more info.

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What does a free audit look like?

The audit reports are provided as PDF files with links to pages embedded, so issues and warnings are easy to find and fix.



The audit will show your overall ranking metrics as well as individual keyword data. The report is also fully itemised with links directly to the affected pages which makes fixing issues and warnings easier.


Site Audit Example Report 4
Site Audit Example Report 3
Site Audit Example Report 2

What happens after the audit.

Once we have the results, we usually schedule a 30-minute call to go through them with you over the phone or Zoom.

There are two main types of issues that the audits detail:

  • Issues and warnings that you can often fix yourself
  • Errors and technical problems that require advanced technical work

As the audit details and points you directly to the issues, things like duplicate page titles, meta descriptions and missing ALT tags can easily be fixed directly from the WordPress admin. These types of fixes are often text-related, so many clients prefer to do these themselves as they involved client-facing content.

Technical errors are usually best fixed by an experienced WordPress developer as they may include server-side configuration and plugin use.

However you would like to proceed, we can provide a fixed-cost proposal to complete the fixes, in whole or in part.

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