Bespoke built Wordpress website

The first and most important thing about a business website is that it should generate a return for your business.

Your website is a 24/7 advert for your business; it doesn’t matter what sector or niche you work in. It can and should generate new business.

If you look at your website purely as a cost, it will always be expensive.

However, if you look at it as an investment, with a plan to track and identify the new business it generates, you may invest more into your website to achieve these returns.

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What factors into our charges?

We’ll consider the following things if you ask us for a proposal to build a new or improved WordPress website.

  1. How long you’ve been established
  2. The size of your business (both in terms of turnover and staff)
  3. What do you do or sell
  4. Where you do or sell it
  5. What do you want the website to achieve
  6. The size of the website (number of pages etc.)
  7. The functional requirements (think eCommerce, booking forms, etc.)
  8. Bespoke requirements (custom code, APIs etc.)
  9. The size of your team working on the project
  10. The turnaround required

These and other factors will affect what level of investment is needed in your website.

What we charge for WordPress website projects.

We work for our clients in two different ways:

  1. We provide a fixed-cost proposal to a fixed spec
  2. We work on the clock (mainly for smaller projects and ad-hoc work)

When you ask us for a proposal, we’ll ask you to complete our website questionnaire, and then we’ll come back to you with some initial questions about the project.

We’re not a small agency, so we have a range of staff with different levels of experience and skill sets that work on different projects.

This means we can work on small projects such as a 10-page website for a start-up and larger 500+ page projects for established businesses.

Get a proposal for your website

The better the brief, the better the proposal.

We often get asked to provide ball-park or guestimate quotes for projects.

If you ask us for one of these, we are likely to be 20-30% more than we would be if you supply a full brief.

We have a simple rule that prospective clients do one of the following:

  1. Send us your own brief or RFP that fully outlines the scope of the project
  2. Complete our website briefing form here.

Without one of the above, the best thing we can offer you in terms of charges for a project is a ‘best guess’.

Ready to get started?

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