Get started with WooCommerce

It’s packed with some great features and tools, but it can often be necessary to make some WooCommerce site improvements – especially if your WooCommerce site is running slowly – our WooCommerce experts can help you improve your site.

Woo is a serious plugin install on any WordPress site, so it’s important to make sure the site is ready for it and built for speed.

With any online store, speed is one of the most crucial aspects of your site. No one wants to shop on a site that makes them wait seconds for pages and products to load. If you’re currently running a store, we can help you to make WooCommerce site improvements that will improve your site and make it rank better.

WooCommerce often gets bolted onto already slow sites and it can make them slower. This affects both your rankings and user experience.

How to improve a WooCommerce site.

There are many things that can slow your site down, so the first thing that needs doing is to track down what’s working and what isn’t (we can help you do this – get in touch or complete the form below).

This can be done by running a series of tests on the site to identify areas for Woocommerce improvement. We typically look at things like:

  • Site speed
  • Server response times
  • Database queries
  • Plugin activity levels
  • Theme complexity
  • Hosting

This enables us to build up some understanding of why things might not be working as they should. We can then make recommendations based on what we find and discuss how to fix them.

This is your selling tool, make it as good as it can be.

A WooCommerce site that doesn’t work quickly and properly will simply result in low rankings, abandoned baskets and frustrated customers. Toast can help you to sell more online with our Woocommerce Site Improvements services.