Choosing a web agency

Check out our top tips to ensure that you find your perfect partner.

A new website could be the biggest business investment you make this year. Choosing a web company to help create your new online portal can be a nightmare – find out how to make sure you’re on the right track.

Here at Toast, we pride ourselves on our expertise. With a six-strong UK based team with decades of web experience between us, we know website design inside and out.

But we would say that.

If you’re looking for a new web agency, there are many points to consider. Here are some of the things to think about before you take the plunge.

Location, location, location

Not everyone can have an experienced web agency on their doorstep (however, if you’re based in Oxfordshire, you’re in luck). With that said, we have worked remotely for clients and it works just as well. In the digital age, we must take advantage of software such as Skype and Instant Messaging!

In the modern digital age, nobody is more than a Skype call away. There are excellent project management tools that allow you to coordinate with your design agency on the other side of the planet if you fancy. However, if you’re planning on face-to-face meetings with your new agency, factor in the cost of visiting them and any charges they might make for visiting you.

Time is of the essence

A busy web agency is a good sign – it means that they have plenty of customers and some of them are happy with their work. But if you are launching a time-sensitive website, make sure that they have the capacity to deliver your new site on time. Equally, be very wary if someone tells you that they can have your website done by the end of the week – great things do take a bit of time!

Know your budget

Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor when you are choosing a web agency (unless you are looking for a website design on a budget), but there’s no denying that it is a very important issue. You know how much you can realistically afford to spend on your website and although the cheapest is rarely the best, it’s important to be realistic about your budget from the beginning. It’ll be a huge help to you and your prospective agency!

Beware of the cheapest and most expensive quotes – chances are they’re not offering you true value for money. Web agencies outside of London aren’t paying London rental prices and salaries and as a result, are usually cheaper. Agencies that outsource their work overseas are cheaper still. You’ll pay more to use an agency like Toast than you will to use your average freelancer, but you’ll also have an entire team working on your website rather than an individual.

When enquiring, also look at the fees for ongoing services like hosting and SEO, as well as any support options that you are offered.

Will there be anything else?

Right now you’re looking for a new website, but is this part of a bigger picture? If you’re looking to work on other aspects of your business, such as branding, logos, printed materials, and brochures, it’s worth looking for a full-service design agency. The team will already be familiar with your company and what you do before you start your next project!

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