Securing your WordPress website

Just how secure is your website?

If you, like a lot of people, started to think about securing your WordPress website after their site has been hacked, but it is something you should consider from day one.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider better security measures:

  1. You have lots of form data stored in your WordPress database
  2. There are many different users editing your site
  3. You have a popular, busy site
  4. The GDPR

If you’re concerned about your site – we can run a basic security audit of your site for free.

Let’s look at these in more detail

1. You are storing lots of data

All the data you store in your WordPress database is only as secure as the usernames and passwords that you assign to users.

If a user of the site decides to update their password to something too simple, it could be a back-door for hackers.

The more data you store, the more secure your site needs to be. This is especially true if you are storing any personally sensitive data on your WordPress database (please don’t do this)

2. There are many users on your site

With more users comes more password issues, plugin installs and so on. If your site has a large number of contributors, you may want to up the game from the simple single login page in WordPress.

3. Your site is popular

The more visitors you have to your site, the more reason it may be targetted. Busy, well-known sites become targets for hackers simply because they are popular.

The more annoyance and frustration they can cause, the better, and the best place to do this is a site with lots of visitors.


This little thorn in everyone’s side brings with it the issue of data breaches and how they are dealt with. There are some pretty serious fines for data breaches (depending on the type of data).

As of May 25th, 2018, you might want to consider more security if you’re planning on storing data on your site.

What do we recommend?

Having better security on your site can only be a good thing, but it does come at a cost. Different web design companies will have their own views on what plugins you should use.

Below are some of the plugins that can be used to harden your site against hacks and make it more secure.