bespoke design

Many people without coding knowledge looking to build a website quickly may turn to WordPress and “give it a go”. The problem with this is that many people become reliant on the same themes, causing lots of sites across the web to look and feel the same – you don’t really end up with a professionally built bespoke WordPress site.

This is where services such as our bespoke WordPress theme design can come in handy. Many people are now breaking away from the same old WordPress themes and seeking professional customisation. Here are just a few major advantages on top of creating a better-looking site.

You’ll stand out from the crowd

Template websites look the part, but they can sometimes be overly familiar and make a site have less impact. Those familiar with WordPress may even find a template website distracting if it uses exactly the same template that they’re used to. They are also built to cater for every scenario such a builder, an electrician, a catering company and an insurance firm so the code running in the background can sometimes be very heavy and slow your website down.

Choosing a bespoke WordPress theme can give you a site that’s unique in its appearance and layout, making it more likely to stand out in users’ minds. This is particularly useful if you’re a business – potential clients could be shopping around various sites and a generic template may not stick out as particularly memorable when it comes to then choosing a company to go with.

You’ll be able to personalise functionality to your needs

It’s likely that a template may contain features that aren’t always necessary to your site. You may end up creating content as a result that you don’t need, just to make use of these features.

Being able to design your site from scratch could allow you to create a layout better suited to both your needs and the needs of your users. It may allow you to display important pieces of information more creatively and stylishly and all and all make it more user-friendly.

You’ll be less reliant on plug-ins

Plug-ins can be useful for customising your site to your needs. They may include handy widgets such as search bars, maps or even links to social media. Plug-ins come with lots of options to help provide broader customisation settings. However, relying on lots of plug-ins can start to slow down and clutter your website.

By opting for a bespoke WordPress theme, you may be able to cut down on the need for plug-in installations, instead relying on simple functions and commands. The result could be a sleeker and smoother site.

You’ll have better SEO results

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a way of fine-tuning your site so that it appears higher on search engines such as Google. When deciding how to rank websites, search engines will often scan for readability and relevant content. Template-reliant sites can often suffer as a result as they may be crammed with information that’s simply there to fill the gap, coming across spammy to some search engines.

Trying out a custom WordPress theme could help to improve search engine rankings by offering a site that’s more concise and relevant. The result could be more visitors from not always being banished to page 10 of Google.

You’ll have less work to do yourself

Those that aren’t totally savvy with WordPress may spend days fine-tuning their site with plug-ins until it meets their specs. A design service can take out the hassle by doing the work for you. This can be handy for those that don’t feel comfortable using HTML or simply don’t have the time to be fiddling around with design settings. You can also guarantee that you’ll get your dream website at the end of it. You may not always get this result yourself, no matter how many plug-ins you to try to crowd your website with.

We work closely with all of our clients and are dedicated to creating a website that meets their specific needs. You don’t have to worry about a website being hard to maintain afterwards and we can still allow a site to be easily updated and edited without too much complex coding.

We can help you create your perfect website – to get started, complete our website questionnairre.