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10 reasons to move to a faster server

We’ve all been there: waiting seemingly forever for a site to load only to give up and go elsewhere. Frustrating…

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Make your website more environmentally friendly by making it faster.

Making your website load faster can reduce its carbon footprint and make it more environmentally friendly.

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A faster website equals more customers

WordPress speed optimisation could be the key to generating new business and making the most of your website – so what are you waiting for?

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What is website optimisation?

What is website optimisation and why you need to ensure your site is optimised properly.

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Better ways to organise content in WordPress

If you have a large WordPress site and you’re struggling to edit your content using the text editor alone, there are better ways to organise content in WordPress.

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Website health check

Toast offer free basic website audits to help you identify issues with your website.

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