10 reasons to move to a faster server

We’ve all been there: waiting seemingly forever for a site to load only to give up and go elsewhere. Frustrating…

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A faster website equals more customers

WordPress speed optimisation could be the key to generating new business and making the most of your website – so what are you waiting for?

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What is website optimisation?

What is website optimisation and why you need to ensure your site is optimised properly.

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Website health check

Toast offer free basic website audits to help you identify issues with your website.

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Make your website more environmentally friendly by making it faster.

Making your website load faster can reduce its carbon footprint and make it more environmentally friendly.

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Better ways to organise content in WordPress

If you have a large WordPress site and you’re struggling to edit your content using the text editor alone, there are better ways to organise content in WordPress.

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Optimising your WordPress website can make a huge difference to your SEO.

There’s little point spending time and money to design and build a WordPress site and then not bothering to do the most important thing – optimising your website.

Many themes do this quite well out-of-the-box, but when you are competing for highly competitive keywords, the speed of your site can make all the difference.

Our WordPress optimisation services will improve the technical SEO of your website and make it load faster, therefore improving your rankings as a result.

Get your site optimised

Website load times are a significant factor that the search engines tale into account when deciding where to place your site in the search results.

A small investment in improving and optimising your website can actually result in better rankings, which in turn will bring you more visitors and potential new business.

If you are unsure how well optimised your website is, get in touch and we can run a free website audit for your site to show you exactly what needs optimising.

We can then provide a fixed-cost proposal to get the work done.