How much does WooCommerce Cost

With a Woocommerce website design, you will have the potential to completely adapt your business store and site to fit your own model.

It gives you the freedom to choose how you want to sell and operate on the market – one of the main reasons we only develop ecommerce sites with WooCommerce.

If you did decide to use WooCommerce, you would be making a popular choice. Approximately 30% of the websites in the online e-commerce industry are powered by WooCommerce.

If you’re considering making the change or starting out with a WooCommerce store, you may be speculating about the WooCommerce website cost. The best way to tackle this question is to explore the different areas that you’ll need to pay for and then add them together to find out how much it will cost you in total every year. You might be pleasantly surprised by the type of budget you would be looking at here.

Hosting your WooCommerce website

The first step is to make sure that you have a service in place for hosting. Seasoned owners will know that finding a trustworthy host is crucial. It will keep your website functioning at the speed you need it to, and it will ensure that your site never crashes, leaving you unable to sell to customers. The good news is that WooCommerce website cost of hosting can be as little as £25 per month (£300 per year). That’s a measly amount we’re sure you’ll agree, but you must be aware that as your site increases it’s reach and gains popularity, the cost can grow.

Marketing add-ons and WooCommerce plugins

Remember, it’s not enough to get the initial setup of your online store. You need to make sure that you can market and promote the site, guaranteeing that customers find it and want to buy you products or services.

Protecting your customers

These days customers are always vulnerable online. You need to do what you can to protect them, so we need to make sure we add security to your plan. You can get full security for your site and protect customer data for around £300 and this includes website monitoring. We actually include a FREE SSL certificate with all of our WP Engine hosting customers. 

Note: This site is hosted on Wp Engine and is secured via an SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt. With SSL, you can make sure that your site is encrypted and that is definitely necessary.

The basics

Of course, you also need to include other costs into the basic setup such as the domain and the design of the site. You can get domain names for around £10 per year. However, to be aware that more popular or unique domain names are more expensive. So, if you already have an idea for your company and what you want it to be called expect to pay a lot more.

Where else is there to look at?

It depends whether you want to choose the cheapest, budget services here or pay a little more and get a better quality design or a more advanced security setup. That said, even with all add-ons, you probably won’t be paying more than £4500 in the first year for your WooCommerce website cost. For most business owners this will be an absolute steal, but this is not the end of the story.

Can you DIY?

The cost we’re currently working with is based on the presumption that you can’t set everything up for yourself. The average WooCommerce website cost of a project handled by a company is around £4000 to £15,000. Now, this might be bad news for those people without the technical skill to set up their own site using the software. But there is a silver lining here.

So, how much does a WooCommerce website cost in comparison to a simple WordPress site?

When comparing this WooCommerce website cost to a WordPress site, you’ll find it is significantly cheaper. A WordPress business site that is fully set up and operational will cost around five to ten thousand more. So, if you only need a shop, you are getting the better deal, even if you can’t complete the work yourself.

A WooCommerce website is an investment option that will be affordable for most small and medium online businesses.