What is Toast Time?

Put simply, it’s a more cost-effective way for our clients to pay in advance for smaller ad-hoc requests.

You simply buy some of our time up-front and use it as-and-when required for small projects and requests.

What can you use it for?

You can use Toast Time against all the services we offer as an agency.

These aren’t just limited to web development. As a larger agency, we have a design studio, content team, SEO experts and strategic people whose skills you can tap into using your Toast Time.

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Can it be used for larger projects?

Toast Time is designed for smaller, ad-hoc tasks that typically take less than a day to complete.

It can be used against larger projects, but remember that it’s on the clock and is designed for smaller tasks.

If you have a larger piece of work in mind, we’d suggest that we provide a fixed quote against a fixed spec.

This way you only pay the charge quoted for the larger project.

How does it work?

You buy time up-front and then we chip away at it when you ask us to work on your site.

There’s a minimum purchase of two hours of time (initially) and then you can top it up as requried.

The benefits of Toast Time include:

  • One invoice that can cover a lot of smaller tasks (subject to how much time you buy) – so less admin and faff
  • Use only the time needed to complete the task – we record by the minute, so if it takes 8 minutes, you pay for 8 minutes
  • Clear reporting – we can provide a full month itemised report
  • Upfront time use – we’ll advise (as much as we can) how much time a task will take before we do it
  • Ticket system so you can see all your open and closed requests (Zendesk)
  • Perfect for teams – add your whole team, so anyone that works with you can submit a request
  • Quick turnaround – Toast Time clients get work complete before ad-hoc clients

Get some Toast Time