Recruitment website in wordpress

Rebuilding a recruitment website in WordPress.

The team at Spotlight asked Toast to rebuild their existing WordPress site to improve its speed, functions and ease of use.

Using custom post types for vacancies.

WordPress has a special type of post that extends the posts and pages that come as standard.

These post types can be customised to display any information needed and format it in a set way.

This is particularly useful for recruitment agency websites that are built on WordPress as adding in new job vacancies becomes incredibly easy!

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Querying data.

Once you have a custom post type for your job listings, it’s then very easy to incorporate these throughout the site – as featured vacancies or in sliders on any page.

Blogging for SEO.

In the ultra-competitive recruitment space, a blog is essential for SEO and to demonstrate your leadership and experience within any given sector.

We built out an optimised blog for Spotlight and continue to work with the team on monthly SEO to improve their rankings.

WordPress makes a flexible platform for recruiters.

If you are working in recruitment, you've two distinct audiences - clients and candidates - we can help you make sure your WordPress site does this effectively.

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