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WordPress and SEO.

Search engine optimisation is more than just the content of your website. Speed and the quality of the build of your site also come into play.

We design and build bespoke WordPress sites that are specifically designed to be fast and able to rank well for searches.

Keeping things simple.

A simple site is a faster site, so if you want to rank for specific terms, the plan to achieve that has to start at the beginning of the project.

We worked with Expert Court Reports to build out the site (from supplied designs) and ensure that it had nothing that would hinder its rankings.

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Better by design.

Using minimal Javascript and other external script libraries means that we’re able to keep the site lean and avoid any render-blocking issues that might cause speed issues.

The simple, but effective layout is designed with the end-user in mind; visitors here are looking for a solution to their requirements over a flashy designed site, so the whole project was speed and SEO-orientated from the get go.

Got a niche service or product? WordPress SEO can get you ranking.

If your product or service is niche, we can help you rank in the search by building you a super-fast WordPress site.

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