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Moving your site to a better CMS

We can take your old website and move it over to the WordPress content management platform.

If your current site is a little past its best, moving it to the most popular CMS on the planet can completely transform its effectiveness and make it work harder.

If your current website is more than two  years old, there’s a good chance that it’s out-of-date in terms of how it’s built and how it functions. If it’s not running as well as it could be it will potentially be under-performing in searches and you could be losing out on potential new business.

Moving your site to WordPresswill transform the way you use it and how well it performs.

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We build sites that are fully editable by our clients – from text and images to navigation and site structure, you’ll be able to take control over every element of your site without needing to call for help to get a word changed.

Add into this the ability to manage your own on-page search engine optimisation and you’re all set to start winning new business through your site.

WordPress empowers marketing teams to crack on with the marketing and removes the need to spend hours tinkering with a website that you know should just work!

‘TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.) worked with Toast to consolidate content and improve user experience. We’re very happy with the results’
Iain Surman Online Marketing Executive TEAM Energy (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.)

No downtime.

When we move your site over to WordPress, they’ll be no downtime. We develop all new sites on our own servers, safely hidden from Google to avoid any duplicate content issues.

The new site is built there, with the content migrated over from your current live site (good time to do a content audit) and everything is built and tested before we move it back to your live server.


Contact us and we'll take a look at your existing site today.
We helped Team Energy plan and organise their content to improve user experience on the site.
Content Planning


At Toast, we like testing stuff and reporting, so we’ll have benchmarked your old site for speed and a range of things. Before the new site goes live, we benchmark that too, clearly showing you all the improvements that have been made.

Not as difficult as you may think.

Moving your site to WordPress may be more cost-effective than you think. While there’s a certain amount of up-front investment, the time savings moving forward add up.

A well built WordPress site will act like a virtual salesperson for your business, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. When you start to see the new business your website can bring you, it quickly pays for itself.

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