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Content planning

A well-planned website is an effective one.

Before you jump into what the site is going to look like, it’s crucial to think everything through with content planning.

We like to build websites that work hard for you, and the early stages of a project need to be done properly to make sure your site performs well. A well planned site will act like an extra member of your sales team, at a fraction of the cost.

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If you’re considering a new website, or rebuilding an existing one, there are a series of very important content planning stages that are equally as important as design stage. These include:

  • A brief, outlining the requirements and desired outcomes of the new site (consultancy)
  • A site map that outlines the structure of the site and internal linking
  • Information architecture – the planning of content on the site and on a per-page basis
  • Keywork research and planning for content
  • Asset collection – images, video, PDFs and other materials for use on the site
  • Competitor analysis – what are they doing, what are they ranking for
  • Writing the content and optimising it for search engines (SEO)

Designing and building a website without completing the content planning above means you’re working blind – it’s really important to get everything lined up and ready for the new site.

Toast help our clients during these initial stages to make sure everything is done. We can do it for you, or help make sure you do it right – either way, proper preparation will make your site work hard and win you new business.

An ongoing Process

Your website shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘project’ that can be completed and left. Things are always changing online; from Google’s algorithm to design styles and trends, it’s all in a continual state of flux, so you’ll need to keep on top of things.

Content planning should run for at least 12 months so you have a complete strategy for your content for the full financial year. 

Key dates should be identified (such as events and exhibitions) and opportunities for additional content production, such as a new product launch.

One thing is definitely true about your site – the bigger it is, with lots of well-written, relevant articles, the more likely it is to get found by your potential customers. 

The more it gets found, the more new business you win from it. It’s not rocket science by any means, but planning your content properly is essential.


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