Pay as you go seo

SEO is a complex and time-consuming task, but something that is crucial if you want your website to rank in the search results.

For many smaller businesses, retained SEO services can just be a little too much to start with, so we offer SEO on a more ad-hoc basis if you’re just looking to get started.

Say hello to PAYG SEO

This service is perfect if you want to get started on optimising your site for the search engines.

You can benefit from all the services we offer to retained clients, but you can buy them as needed.

Does this mean it’s not such an effective service?

No, it just means it takes longer – normally, SEO retainers start at around £299+ per month – this gives our team plenty of time each month to work on your site and get things optimised.

With PAYG SEO, you can choose to have aspects of site optimisation done as-and-when you need them.

SEO is a process, not a project

It’s important to remember that SEO is an ongoing process on your website and not something you do once and forget about.

SEO done properly follows a specific set of actionable ‘things’ that have to be done is a specific order to get the best from SEO. This is how we’re able to offer a pay-as-you-go service.

Our process in outline:

  1. A site audit to check out how well your site is built and how quick and secure it is – all BIG ranking factors.
  2. Fixing up your current site to make sure it’s going to perform well – you don’t want to waste money on SEO if your site is poorly built and optimised.
  3. Target markets, customers and outcomes.
  4. Keyword discovery on your current site and your competitor’s sites (where you rank and what for).
  5. Current Keywords – what KWs work for what content and do we have any ‘easy wins’.
  6. Keyword Planning – what do you want to rank for?
  7. Keyword Research – what are your customers searching for and what keywords should you be using.
  8. Content optimisation across your current site on a page-per-page basis.
  9. Landing page optimisation for ranking content.
  10. Conversion optimisation.
  11. Reporting and rank tracking.

If you want to go down the pay as you go SEO route, we can complete each of the above steps as and when the budget allows.

So you might start initially with an automated technical and SEO audit for your website and fix to get your site running properly and then move onto some Keyword discovery and current keyword work.

Pay as you go SEO

We need to talk about SEO…

We can’t do any SEO for you without first having a conversation about what you’ve done to date and where you want to get to.

It’s best to give us a call on 01295 266644 and have a chat with one of our team (no sales people) so we can find out more about what you need.

We’re going to ask you for a budget.

Not so we can tell you it will cost you the budget – more to find out how we can best help you with SEO.

There’s no charge for the initial phone call and one of our friendly team can answer any questions you may have.

We can help with all things WordPress.

If you need to improve your existing site or are looking to commission a new website, call us on 01295 266644 or complete the form - we'll get in touch!