A person is known by the company they keep. These wise words stem from long before businesses were considering the advantages of local SEO backlinks, but still ring very true today – search engines will judge your website by the sites that link to it.

Local SEO backlinks should be an integral part of any SEO strategy. Search engines see credible backlinks from established sites as a favourable endorsement for your site. As a result, a site that’s well linked will sail up the search engine listings. On the flip side, if you have a large number of links from dubious websites, search engines will assume that your site isn’t to be trusted either. Not all local SEO backlinks are created equal!

Link building can be a time-consuming process, hence many site owners putting it on the backburner or rushing through it and leaving mistakes dotted all over the internet as a result.

We can help you build up your local SEO backlinks and in turn boost your search engine rankings and get more potential customers to your website. We can get your site listed with local, relevant business directories and even double check that your existing links direct your customers where you want them to go.

Search engines have gotten wise to people using code to generate dozens of reviews of new sites, so we ensure that all of our entries are manually submitted and verified. We also ensure that we carefully target your audience with relevant links based on your customer profile.

Start building backlinks for improved SEO

We hope you’ve already started building up a library of backlinks for your site. Bearing this in mind, our production team will always check for duplication before adding a listing. And if they uncover your old listing, they’ll double check it for accuracy and create a new one if required. We also offer full NAP consistency, so that your details are the same wherever your customers find you online.

Once we’ve finished working our magic, we’ll give you access to a detailed submission report outlining the work that’s been done, including screenshots and live listings.

Let Toast Design help you make friends with local business directories and make sure that your local SEO backlinks count.

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