Using Basecamp for managing WordPress projects

WordPress web projects can be quite complex, using Basecamp for managing WordPress projects makes it easier to share and organise project collateral.

If you’ve not used Basecamp before, it can look a little daunting, but it’s simply a collection of dates, messages and to-do items. 

Ultimately, what Basecamp does for the website project development is to keep everything in one place, and everyone working on the project up to speed.

It’s best explained in this short video.

You can work as normal via email.

One great thing about Basecamp is that when new messages and to-do items are added, you get sent an email notification.

To reply to a comment or message, you can simply reply to the email and your message will be added to the message or to-do discussion automatically.

Keeping things organised.

As with any message thread, it’s easy to go off-piste.

A thread about a website wireframe can easily turn into a discussion about design, so we like to try and keep things organised by following the rules below.

  1. Don’t hijack threads – a message thread is there to discuss the title of the thread. If your message is related to something else, create a new thread or find an existing one that covers that topic.
  2. Add requests to get things done as to-do items, not in message threads – a to-do item can be assigned to someone and given a date for completion. If you make a request in the body of a message thread, it will get lost.
  3. If possible, share content via Google Docs rather than uploading spreadsheets and Word documents – Basecamp lets you embed files from Google Docs, so there’s just one file, not 100s of the same file with slight modifications (it’s one of the reasons we suggest creating a free Google account for the project).

Seeing the project progress.

We have a template set up on Basecamp for our web projects. 

This has a series of to-do lists for each stage of the project and each one is checked-off as we progress.

This way you can see how it’s going, where we are in the project and things that we may need from you.

To summarise, when using Basecamp for managing WordPress projects:

  • Use messages to discuss general topics that are not related to to-do (actionable) items
  • Use to-do discussions to talk about things about the specific actionable item
  • If you are starting a conversation about something new, start a new thread for that conversation

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