Free Google Account

We all know that Google provides free email accounts, but what a lot of people miss is the other free tools that you can use with a Google account for your website.

When you work with Toast on a new website, one of the first things we make sure you have is a free Google account. We’re not going to be using this for email (although the option is there), we’re going to be using the free Google Account to manage the free tools that Google offers to monitor traffic to your site and a wide range of other great stuff.

Google Analytics

If your current site doesn’t have Analytics in place, it needs it. Google Analytics is a free tool that monitors traffic to your site. It’s very simple to get this working and it provides vast amounts of data – from numbers of visitors to landing pages, search queries and user journeys through your site.

Over time, Google Analytics will allow you to build up data on popular content, what content is bringing visitors to your site and what they are doing when they’re on it.

It’s also possible to set up what Google calls ‘Goals’ to measure specific activity on your site (such as when someone lands on page A. clicks to page B and then ends up on page C).

If we’re in the process of building you a new site, Google Analytics also makes a great benchmarking tool between the old and new sites.

Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Googles Search Console is your website’s best friend (well, one of them). The console monitors the health of your site, who’s linking to it, how much of it is indexed and a whole load of more awesome features.

Even if this is a bit too much on the Geeky side, you should have this enabled for your site. When we’re looking at websites, it is the first thing we ask for as it is data-based and not subjective (such as the design of your site).

Both tools take very little time to set up, so if you’ve not got them working for your site, it’s best to get them set up pronto.

These tools are free!

One of the best things about these tools is that they are free and can provide you with valuable insight into how your site is performing.

Search Console will also send you monthly emails about performance, search queries and a lot more interesting information, so it’s well worth signing up.

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