Speed Optimisation

Google has spoken – faster is better.

That’s probably because Google wasn’t born until 1996, and can’t remember the agonising wait for websites to load over dial-up – if you could get on the internet, because someone wasn’t using the phone.

Google uses site loading speed as a ranking factor to ensure that users won’t be left tapping their fingers while they wait for a page to load.

Nobody knows the exact (and ever-changing) priorities of their search algorithms, but in order to keep their users happy, they don’t promote slow or unresponsive sites – so it’s crucial your SEO is spot-on.

They have created a handy tool Google PageSpeed that can analyse your existing website and discover whether it is, ahem, up to speed.

We make sure that any site that we put live is getting the thumbs up from PageSpeed before it is officially launched – a lot of digital agencies forget this important step, and release heavy coded, slow loading sites that get the thumbs down from Google.

Users are just as fickle – a delay of only a second can be enough to make a potential customer to hit the back button and go elsewhere. As designers and developers, we are spending more time exploring the user experience to uncover how visitors interact with and use our websites.

We’ve learned that at no point do they expect to wait for content to load, and that’s where WordPress speed optimisation comes in.

Faster sites are more enjoyable to view and more likely to convert casual browsers into new customers.

So, what affects your WordPress website speed?

In short, everything.

  • Where your site is hosted
  • How it was built
  • Which plugins are used
  • Which plugins have been forgotten
  • Whether all aspects of your site are up to date

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