Better ways to organise content in WordPress

By default, a lot of WordPress themes leave you with the good old text editor to manage your text and images.

The text editor alone is fine if your content solely consists of text content and one or two images, but for more complex requirements the text editor can sometimes fall a little short – there are better ways to organise content in WordPress, and in doing so you will make sure your WordPress site is properly optimised.

Let’s say that you’ve got a list of PDF files that you want to layout in a grid with accompanying text and a download button; you could consider using a table (eek!) but there are better ways to organise content in WordPress.

Custom Fields

These provide a way to add customised elements to a page – you can have fields where you can add markup that can then be coded into your theme files to get the results you’re after.

Using custom fields is an excellent way to achieve more complex content management, but it’s not over user-friendly.

We see this quite a lot; developers build something that works well for them because they understand it, but at Toast, we don’t think content editors should have to resort to fiddling around with markup to achieve what they want. 

Visual editor plugins

There is a broad range of visual editor plugins for WordPress that add endless amounts of customizable options when adding content to a post. Again, these are very powerful, but they are also hefty – they can slow down sites – you want to improve your website, not slow it down!

They are also not overly intuitive – if you’ve more than one content editor working on a site, it can sometimes be difficult to work out how things are done, how things are working and how not to break things when editing or adding new content.

Advanced Custom Fields

Like all things WordPress, there’s usually a plugin to help you achieve what you’re after. At Toast, we use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin on all our websites.

It’s relatively lightweight and gives you an enormous amount of flexibility when managing content.

The real power of this plugin though is the ability only to build what’s required – it doesn’t start with endless amounts of options – it’s designed to work from the ground up.

Need a repeating grid for your PDFs? We can build you one. Looking for the ability to add specific chunks of content wherever needed? We can create a flexible content system for that.

This method creates a highly intuitive interface that can be easily understood by anyone editing the site.

The possibilities are endless, but the point here is that the plugin doesn’t assume you want endless stuff – you start with nothing and only build in what you need.

Struggling with the content on your site?

If you’ve got a WordPress site (or any site for that matter) where you’re struggling to manage the content on pages, we can help you explore better ways to organise content in WordPress.

If your site is built on WordPress, we can work with you to plan organisation and implementation of custom fields. If you have a site on a legacy CMS, we can move it over to WordPress, creating you your custom theme (we don’t do off-the-shelf themes) and mapping out a better content organisation structure. Checkout our WordPress services.

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