move to a faster server

We’ve all been there: waiting seemingly forever for a site to load only to give up and go elsewhere.

Frustrating as it is for us as the customer, it’s much worse for the owner of that site.

They’ve just lost you as a potential customer and this likely won’t be the only instance.

A move to a faster server can improve your WordPress site overall! Take a look at our top ten reasons to move to a faster server.


1. It will look good

This might sound fickle, but impressing the visitors to your site from the word go is vital to getting them on board as a customer.

If they come to your slow-loading, white screen site, they aren’t going to hang around, are they? Ensuring your move to a faster server can help to make site speed better and make sure people can actually see your site.

It also has the added benefit of appearing more secure and trustworthy compared to a slow site, and a move to a good-quality server can help do this for you.

2. Helps to keep your potential customers on your site

Statistics (we had to include some somewhere) show that 3 out of 4 internet users won’t revisit a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. 

This shows how quickly people can leave and go elsewhere, meaning you miss out on new customers, they don’t use your service or products, and won’t spread the word about your business to anyone else.

3. It can help your Google rankings

Google started using speed as a ranking algorithm in 2010 and continues to use it today – a good reason to ensure you have fast WordPress hosting!

One of their aims is to make the internet faster, which is why they brought it into play – they only want to show the fastest sites at the top of search results, where possible.

If your SEO work is good, but site speed slow, you might be surprised to find yourself further down the pile.

4. Reduced bounce rate

The more people that leave your site waiting for it to load, the higher your bounce rate will likely grow.

This is something else that indicates to Google that the search results your site is showing up in aren’t the correct ones for internet users, so you might fall down the results list yet again.

5. Keep your customers connected

Imagine the scenario: a new potential customer has done a quick Google search and within milliseconds your website appears at the top of the results. They glance at the meta description and you sound like exactly what they’re looking for – perfect!

Click on your result… and wait for any sign of a website.

While most visitors have given up and gone elsewhere, this potential customer is determined as your business sounds like what they want. Until the site takes too long to load and times out completely. They leave and find what they need with your competition and you’ve lost out.

Moral of the story: don’t cut your visitors off before they even have a chance to become a customer.

6. Beat your competition!

When people leave a site whilst waiting for it to load, they still have the same problem they were initially coming to your site for.

Where else are they going to go? To your competitors who might have faster sites and can help them find what they want a lot quicker. A move to a faster server could help your site to stand out from the crowd.

7. Improved User experience

One of the key elements to a good website is User experience.

You want to try and make sure the people that come to your site find everything they need, can view everything beautifully regardless of screen size, and ultimately enjoy the time they spend on your website.

They aren’t going to be impressed if it doesn’t even load before they lose patience!

8. We’ve got a need for speed

People are expecting fast websites. A survey states that 39% of online consumers say speed is more important than functionality.

Whilst functionality is vital, it’s no use if people have to wait around for it to load.

9. Provide like the big businesses

Whilst there aren’t many businesses that are the same size as the giants of Amazon or Yahoo, you can still take some lessons from them!

Amazon reportedly increases revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improvement to their website speed.

Also, Yahoo increases traffic by 9% (!) for every 400 milliseconds of improvement. This shows the importance of a site which is even just a little bit faster.

10. Give visitors a chance to see your site

You’ve had your website built and it looks brilliant – you’re so pleased and can’t wait to get it on the web. But because your site speed is so slow, none of your potential customers will stick around to see your new designs.

Make sure your site speed is as good as it can be before visitors throw their mouse at their computer in frustration. And that might break it which is never good.


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