WordPress upgrade help

WordPress does make it relatively simple to upgrade the core WordPress files and plugins to the newest versions, but it’s never something that should be done without following the correct procedure.

We see lots of sites that are seriously out-of-date. This is often down to websites being left for months with no new content or management, a lack of time, or simply a little uncertainty about how to do it properly.

Clicking the blue update button can be a bit of a leap into the unknown; it should all go smoothly, but what if it doesn’t? This is where a WordPress support contract comes in handy!

That’s where Toast comes in with WordPress upgrade help.

Back up first

If you’ve not got daily backups of your WordPress site, you really should get them sorted. Any decent hosting company should provide this (at a premium).

If this isn’t possible, your web designer or agency should have put alternative arrangements in place, such as a daily or weekly backup to Dropbox or similar.

Plugins or WordPress core files first?

Always make sure you are running the most recent version of WordPress before you update your plugins. A lot of plugin developers make sure their software works best (or only with) the most recent WordPress version. Doing things the other way around can cause you problems.

Press that button

WordPress really is one of the easiest CMS applications to update, so if you’re all backed up, go for it.

Arrgh! Is it all gone horribly wrong?

Don’t panic. You’ve got a backup. So get your site rolled-back, or reinstall the backup and your site will be live again (always make sure you have got all files AND database backup).

So we now know that there’s going to be an issue on the update. This is where you really need to bring in someone with WordPress experience that can get it all sorted for you.

At Toast we off WordPress upgrade help and can take care of the whole process for you, ensuring everything is done properly and is working fine.

Don’t be tempted to leave your site running on outdated software – it can leave you open to hacking and malware which can be costly to fix and can affect your placement in the search.

If you’d like Toast to provide WordPress upgrade help, just get in touch via our contact page on the link below.




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