WordPress Help

Toast has designed and built 100s of WordPress sites, and that puts us in an excellent position to offer WordPress help to site owners who are experiencing problems.

If you have an urgent help request for your WordPress site, complete the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.

We can support and maintain your WordPress website.

Common WordPress Problems.

Often, if a site stops working it can be down to any one of a range of common problems with WordPress installs such as plugin conflicts, theme conflicts, PHP syntax errors or update problems. We can quickly take a look at your site and diagnose potential problems before fixing them.

We can often do this via a visit to the front end of your site (if it’s up and running). If it’s down completely, we’ll need Admin and FTP access to provide WordPress help.

Have you been hacked?

The other common take-down of WordPress sites is hacking. Many hosting companies will disable a WordPress install when its compromised with malicious code. Even though your WordPress site is working, it’s not available to view.

This issue requires an entirely clean install of all your WordPress core files and a decontamination of your WP-Content directory. We can help you get this sorted.

What we need to help you with WordPress.

If you think you’ve been hacked, or your site just isn’t working, we can help you get back online. We’ll need various information about your site, access details, and server details (please do not send us these on the above form). We will get in touch with you directly to discuss access once we’ve taken a quick look at the front end of your site.

Safe, secure and trustworthy.

We’ve fixed a lot of sites. We’ll make sure yours is safely backed-up before doing anything, and we’ll provide the right level of WordPress help that you need. We’ll also send you our NonDisclosure Agreement that outlines what we will and won’t do to your site – you’re in safe hands!

We can help with all things WordPress.

If you need to improve your existing site or are looking to commission a new website, call us on 01295 266644 or complete the form - we'll get in touch!