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Site Audits are much more important and useful than people initially believe.

Most people think once their website is live, it’s done and dusted.

But websites are much more than that – they need regular WordPress maintenance. And getting a site audit can show you where it needs a little work.

I’m going to take a look at why site audits are so helpful and important for website maintenance.


It gives you a to-do list

Using a site audit tool like SEM Rush, which is the tool we use, can make everything more manageable.

If you’re new to having a website, or just not sure how to maintain one, it can get very overwhelming, and things can be very easily forgotten.

Completing an audit provides a list of any errors, issues and warnings on your site, which you can then go through and sort out over time.

It’s also a great idea for businesses that would have multiple people working on the site – as everyone can see the list of things to be done!


It shows any SEO improvement opportunities

In a site audit, you could also see any SEO issues and possible improvements.

Issues such as duplicate titles, pages with a low word count and no H1 heading can really bring your score down and make any other SEO work not as effective.

Having a list of any these warnings is great as you can drill down into any issues that might affect your Google rankings.

With some site audit tools (such as SEM Rush) you can even see which pages have specific issues, saving you time trying to find them.

You also have the opportunity to make improvements and get those rankings further up!


Site Audits make you aware of security issues

Security issues are a very important thing to be aware of on your website, particularly for shop sites.

You don’t want to put off potential customers because your site isn’t secure and lose their custom.

Making sure you are aware of any security issues, and any new ones that crop up, is vital – so you can then get them fixed ASAP!


You can get a score for your site

Most site audit tools will provide you with an overall health score, usually out of 100.

This is generated based on the number of errors and fixes and will improve the more you work through and remove them.

You can then see just how important it is to make sure your site is healthy – and not just straight after the build.

Making sure your site is in tip-top condition is important to help keep your visitors happy, keep your SEO score up and keep your site secure.

And it’s very satisfying to see that score get closer to 100!


It shows you the ‘what’ and ‘how’

Some site audit tools, like the one we use, not only shows you the error – but how to go about fixing it.

Whilst this can be a job for a developer, some of it is content work – like no title tags or a low word count.

Having an in-depth look at what parts of your site need a little help is great – it keeps you focused on the job in hand.

And getting advice on how to go about fixing it can help you get it sorted quickly and efficiently.


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