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WordPress is an open source platform, making it a hot target for hackers.

However, it is also one of the most popular platforms in the world, favoured by the likes of The New York Times, Metro and BBC America. This means that there are plenty of ways your a WordPress maintenance agency can help you to secure your site and ensure that it’s not exposed to cyber attacks. 

‘Is my WordPress site safe?’

Firstly, yes it probably is – the core WordPress CMS is extremely secure, but when you start adding free themes or poorly coded plugins, you can end up compromising this security.

Below are some ways to improve WordPress security to help keep your site as secure as possible.

is my WordPress site safe?

1. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) for logins means that a user has to input two unique login components before accessing your website. In most cases, this will be a password and a unique memorable piece of information or passcode. This extra level of security can delay anyone trying to login to your site maliciously.

2. Make sure you have an SSL certificate

Implementing an SSL ensures secure data transfer between user browsers and the server, making it difficult for hackers to breach the connection or spoof your info. The SSL certificate also affects your website’s rankings at Google – Google trusts sites with an SSL certificate and consequently displays them further up in the search rankings.

3. Choose your username carefully

This might sound obvious but…. don’t set up an administrator account with the username ‘admin’. On the first day of hacker school, you’ll be told to look out for that username. Instead, choose something memorable and unique – the name of your first pet, your favourite restaurant or even more securely, a memorable series of random letters and numbers. 

For an extra level of security, it’s possible to rename your login page as well, as hackers will be on the lookout for the default wp-admin.

4. Keep your site updated

WordPress is constantly being monitored and updated by its developers, but you’ll only benefit from this if you keep your site up to date. These updates can contain critical security patches and bug fixes, and hackers rely on people being too lazy to keep their site and plugins up to date.

You should aim to update your site every month, if not more often.

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