Within WordPress, you can control the settings for many different types of media

There are quite a few different settings you can change for the different types of media, the main one being image size.

When you upload an image to WordPress, it can be configured to automatically generate various sizes of that image for use on the front end of the site.

This means you don’t often need to figure out which size would work best or try resizing to get a blurry image.

You can also edit images by rotating or mirroring them – or cropping them within the media settings.

Being able to crop them within WordPress is a great help as you don’t need to fiddle with your image in another programme then reupload, only for it to need to be fiddled with again!


To conclude...

The media settings enable you to edit images by resizing, cropping, flipping or selecting the image size you need from the automatically-generated list

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