In WordPress, both pages and posts have ‘authors’.

Any page or post (blog posts in particular) will have an author. Whilst not all sites will show authors on the front-end, it can be really handy if you have several people working on your blog.

You can also swap the author of a post so if someone in your team wasn’t a user on the site, it can be swapped to another user. Some sites also include a little bio about the author – it can be a good way for visitors to get to know your team and, if they enjoyed their content, find more written by them.

Author is also a predefined user role within WordPress, along with editor, administrator and subscriber, among others. In their role, they mainly have access to posts to create, edit and delete them.

To conclude...

Authors are a WordPress user role, great for people who will be editing and creating content for your blog.

They have access to created, edit and delete posts without seeing too many other options in the admin screen and you could add more information about each of your authors if you have a really big blog on your site.

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