What is an Anchor?

Not the sailing kind! An Anchor is the term used to describe an Anchor Link. They are, in a nutshell, used to help visitors jump to a section of content they want to read.

This could be within the same page or on another page within your site.

Here’s a working example:


They very useful when working within large sections of text. For example, you might have a large essay-type post about SEO. You could add a table of contents towards the top of the post and use achor links to enable users to jump to those sections of the post. If someone was visiting the post to read a specific section, it’s best to help them find it rather than send them away in frustration.

It can also be useful in terms of SEO as Google might show them below your search listings! Google has now implemented ‘jump to links’ that appear under the main search result (under the Meta Description), which helps to get more traffic to your website.


To conclude...

An Anchor refers to a link either on the same page or another, that jumps to specific content

It can be very useful when breaking up big chunks or text or helping visitors find what they need.

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