What is Anchor Text?

This just refers to the text that’s actually hyperlinked. So, for example, if I had an Anchor link to the conclusion of this page and wanted to include the link towards the top, I’d likely use ‘Jump to Conclusion’ so people know where the link will take them. The Anchor Text is just ‘Jump to Conclusion’

This anchor text is very important for search engine optimisation.

Anchor Links are important for SEO as they can send a message to Google that there’s more specifc content on this page. However, the anchor text is just as vital as it can help Google to understand the context of your content. So making sure you’re using the right wording is important.

Why is it important for SEO?

An excerpt from the original paper on which the Google algorithm is based from states:

Google employs a number of techniques to improve search quality including page rank, anchor text, and proximity information”

This shows Google uses anchor text as an important part of its ranking algorithm and, so, should be carefully considered when implementing.

For example, if you added an anchor link to your content about flowers and used the Anchor text ‘Cat food’, Google will think the linked page is something to do with cat food likely.

Of course, in this instance, your content is about flowers – so this would be something to avoid. Making sure you tie everything in nicely with your Anchor text and links can help your SEO work.

To conclude...

Anchor text refers to the hyperlinked text within an anchor link.

It can be really helpful to SEO and so should be considered when implementing on your site.

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