An awesome WordPress plugin that we use on all the sites we design and build.

This plugin is a favourite of many WordPress agencies as allows better management of your site’s content.

Standard WordPress comes with the WYSIWYG editor that creates a full-width layout, no issues. But if you want to create a more complex layout or create specialised builder options, Advanced Custom Fields is the way to do it.

The ACF plugin not only has over 2 million downloads (Oct 2021) but also integrates with other WordPress plugins such as Yoast and Contact Form 7.

What does it enable you to do?

It can basically take your site to the ‘next level’. You can create so many different layout options, keep them only available on specific pages, drag and drop to change the layout and so much more.

There are 29 different field options, such as Text Area, True/False, Gallery, oEmbed, colour picker, accordion and lots more.

One that we particularly like here at Toast is the Flexible Content field. This generates a structured, yet simple, block-based editor which acts as a blank canvas for you to be able to create and manage content with complete control!

To conclude...

The Advanced Custom Field plugin is a brilliant addition to any WordPress site. It enables you to create and manage different layouts, sections and specific builds for specific pages.

We use it on all of our bespoke build projects and are planning to for a while yet!

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