What can they do?

Administrators have access to every section of your CMS – from pages and posts to actual theme files. This includes all the code, pages, posts, media, plugins, settings – everything.

The first user on a site will be given the role of administrator automatically. They can also add and remove other users and make them administrators too.

What’s the difference?

There are a variety of user roles within WordPress such as editor, author, contributor and subscriber. These roles have a varying degree of access so when they login to the admin area, they won’t be able to see everything that an administrator can.

Some sites might also have a ‘Super-admin’ role, which is the only one above administrator. These are only available on Multi-sites so they can have access to all of the sites on that multi-site install. They will have the same level of access of an administrator but across all of the sites. Administrators on a multi-site only have access to the one they have been added as a user onto.

Can you change roles?

Administrators can also change the roles of other users – either to make them an administrator also, or to reduce access with another role. This can be done under the ‘Users’ option on the administration screen menu and done via a drop-down within each user.

To conclude...

Administrators have the highest access on their sites and can view anything and everything.

There are other WordPress user roles, including super-administrator which provides access to all sites on a multisite.

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