The black bar that sits at the top of your WordPress site when you’re logged in.

The admin bar is just the black bar that sits at the top of your screen whenever you’re logged in.

This bar contains links to various admin sections and plugin functionality, making it a very handy tool. Rather than having to open a multitude of tabs (naughty!) you can simply use the options on the toolbar to flick between the front-end and admin area of your site.

It can be super-handy when editing a page. You can make your updates, then view the page to check they’re all how you want them. Then, head back to the editor if you wish.

Can’t see it?

This function can be switched off in the user’s settings.

If you don’t see the black admin bar on your site it could either be switched off or often this could be caused by Javascript errors or plugin conflicts.

To conclude...

The admin toolbar is a super-handy feature that makes editing or working on your site a lot easier.

You can switch the bar off in settings, but it makes navigating your site whilst you’re logged in a lot easier.

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