Planning a WordPress site.

We work as WordPress Consultants, helping you to plan your website to make it as effective as it can be.

Someone once said ‘You Don’t Have to Know Everything. You Just Have to Know Where to Find It‘ and this statement is very true when it comes to WordPress.

One of the most awesome things about WordPress as a CMS is its ability to be what you need it to be, but every day we talk to clients have something far removed from this.

Sure, they have a nice, shiny new site, but when you come to use it things don’t seem quite as they should.

Consultancy comes first.

If you’re talking to a web agency or freelancer about a new website, the first thing they should be asking you is ‘what is wrong with the current site‘. This should also be followed up with a few pertinent questions along the lines of:

  • What is it you want the new site to do?
  • What is it about the old site that doesn’t work? (bear in mind that unless your current site is badly designed, a new design won’t always fix any problems).
  • How many visits and conversions are you getting from the current site?
  • How many keywords are you ranking for?
  • What are your main calls to action?
  • What are the user journeys through the site?
  • Are you using landing pages and on-page calls to action to increase conversion rates?
  • And so on (there are a lot)

There are three main types of WordPress project. Designing and building a new site (whether you currently have one or not), optimising an existing site and moving a legacy CMS site to WordPress. This is where using  WordPress consultants can be very helpful in helping you to plan things properly.

How we work

All our WordPress projects are front-loaded with research and planning.

We need to understand your business, how your website fits in with your marketing and what you want to get out of it.

Without this knowledge, all any agency can do is build you something that looks nice.

How you benefit

We see an effective site as one that wins you new business.

Our research and planning sessions will help you to understand how visitors use your site, what content they are looking for and how to guide them into the site and to ultimately convert into an enquiry (after that point, it’s down to you).

  • You’ll have a clear site plan and user journeys mapped out
  • We’ll help you discover the best keywords to optimise the site for
  • The site structure and content will cater specifically to your visitor’s needs
  • We’ll provide ways of tracking visits and conversions and identifying ROI

All of this work comes way before we start looking at the design of your site.

The planning and consultancy stages of the project ensure that your site is going to perform well on the launch, but also arms you with the information you need to effectively market your site and improve your rankings post-launch.

Everything starts with a site audit

If you have a current site, we can audit it to find out:

  • How well the site is built
  • Where any errors are on the site
  • What keywords you currently rank for
  • Where you can make keyword improvements
  • And more

Our basic site audit is free.

We can run this for you, email you the results and provide some basic information about interpreting them.

If you’d like us to address any of the issues for you, we can also provide you with a cost for doing so.

There’s obviously no obligation to do anything after the site audit – you’re free to keep the report.

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