Microsites using WordPress

One of the great things about WordPress is its flexibility. We use it to build some pretty large corporate websites, but it’s equally at home for smaller microsites.

This means that microsites using WordPress can be quite quick to put together- this is one of the key reasons our professional WordPress developers use it.

Quick to deploy.

If you need a small site for an event or consultation, using WordPress will allow you to get everything up-and-running very quickly. At Toast, we use our own bespoke WordPress start theme which allows us to design and build a site that’s styled inline with existing collateral (banners, brochures etc) very quickly.

Microsites using WordPress are often content led, so the event or consultation already has all the copy written and the images produced – using WordPress allows us to get the build together quickly and your site live.

Easy to manage.

Just because it’s a microsite, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need decent content management. Microsites using WordPress obviously benefit from all the content management that WordPress offers – from text editing and on page SEO, to images, PDFs and other media.

Microsites typically grow a little too over time, so you’ve also got the ability to add new pages and posts and manage menus. Add into this the ability to quickly put together a blog-style section for news, events or updates and you’ve got a microsite with all the functions of a larger site.

Built to work properly.

Websites for events or consultations often come with rather tight deadlines. Microsites using WordPress come together quickly, as we’ve already mentioned, but this doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on quality. All the sites we design and build at Toast go through the same stringent checks and tests prior to going live.

Using WordPress as the CMS means that a lot of the work is already done – we’ve not got to build a bespoke CMS system, we’ve just got to design and build an awesome theme.

Add to the mix a few of the amazing plugins for WordPress such as Yoast SEO and Advanced Custom Fields and we’ve really hit the ground running.

Looking to commission microsites using WordPress?

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