get work experience at a design agency

Find out what makes a design agency really want you in the office for a week or two, and how to make the most of your work experience placement.

You know that you want to work at a print or web design agency one day. And who could blame you?

It’s an opportunity to be creative every day, with the added bonus of being surrounded by like-minded people.

One of the best ways to get your foot on the ladder is through work experience with the type of company you’d one day like to work for.

However, you’re not the only one with this plan, so it can be difficult to secure yourself a placement.

We’ve got some tips on how to get work experience at a design agency – so keep reading.

Do your research

Google is your friend – before you contact your chosen agency, it pays to find out a little bit about them.

We often get enquiries from people who want to be fashion designers or design cars, but I’m afraid that’s just not what we do!

This might seem obvious, but…

Look at what sort of things they work on, who works there and learn a little bit about the company.

Check out their team page to find out who best to direct your work experience enquiry to – administrators and human resources managers are a great start.

It can also be a good idea to follow (not stalk) agency staff on social media, retweeting a few tweets, commenting on posts or liking stuff on Facebook.

This way you can potentially become ‘known’ to agency staff so when you make an initial approach for work experience, you might be recalled – especially if the agency follows or comments back.

Always enquire yourself!

This might seem obvious, but always make the initial enquiry yourself.

We don’t want to to talk to your mum (even if she is lovely) or your teacher or your cousin or your mate.

Just you. Yes, it can be intimidating to ring up a company out of the blue, but most designers are really friendly once suitably caffeinated.

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