WordPress is an amazing tool that lets you take full control over your website and its’ content.

We design and build bespoke WordPress websites, but there’s another option for smaller businesses when it comes to getting a professional website online for a more affordable cost.

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Say hello to WordPress frameworks.

A WordPress framework is a pre-built content management system that allows us to deploy smaller websites for SMEs without the large up-front cost usually associated with bespoke built sites.

Frameworks are professionally developed website tools that are approved for use on WordPress sites and make managing your site easy, even for non-technical people.

When using a framework to create your site, we’re able to pass on the time (cost) savings directly to you, so you can be up-and-running with a new site at a fraction of the cost associated with building one from scratch.

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How do bespoke and framework sites compare?

A bespoke site and a framework site are two very different types of project.

Bespoke-built websites.

  • Intensive planning and content structuring
  • Wire-framing and Information information architecture (IA) planning
  • The full bespoke design process
  • Built from the ground up with 100% custom code
  • Fully customisable for more complex requirements
  • More complex functional requirements
  • Typically take a lot longer to complete

Framework websites.

  • Simple planning and structure for a smaller site
  • You select a preferred layout to avoid the extra costs of AI and wire-framing
  • Select from pre-created designs and layout
  • Customise with your own logo, colours, images and branding
  • Customisable from pre-built functions (forms, e-commerce, bookings etc)
  • Typically used for smaller sites (and budgets)
  • Quicker to create and deploy

What do our small business website packages cost?

A bespoke-built website typically takes longer to complete, so bespoke sites start at around £2500 ex VAT.

A framework website removes the requirement for bespoke development work, so you save money.

Simple websites.

  • Up to five pages of content
  • Full content management
  • Blog
  • Choose from over 500 design layouts
  • 5 royalty free images (if required)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimised
  • Google analytics
  • Social media links
  • Standard hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • 30 minutes training
  • Plugin licences included*

£600 one-off fee

then £30 per month

What does the monthly charge cover?

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Brochure websites.

  • Up to ten pages of content
  • Full content management
  • Blog / Knowledgebase
  • Choose from over 500 design layouts
  • 10 royalty free images (if required)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimised
  • Google analytics
  • Search engine submissions
  • Free SEO report (quarterly)
  • Social media links
  • Premium hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • One hour training
  • Plugin licences included*

£800 one-off fee

then £40 per month

What does the monthly charge cover?

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E-commerce websites.

  • Everything from the Brochure website plan, plus
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Up to 10 products (additional products optional)
  • Payment gateway configuration (PayPal, Stripe etc)
  • Basic shipping configuration
  • Product categories & tags
  • Coupons and offers
  • Reviews
  • Sales reports
  • Shopping cart
  • Plugin licences included*

£1200 one-off fee

then £60 per month

What does the monthly charge cover?

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Pay as you grow.

  • All our websites form solid platforms that you can grow and develop over time
  • Whatever package you start with, you can add more functions and options as required (subject to charges)
  • Once the site is live you’ll be able to add more pages or products yourself – there’s no limit to the size of your site
  • Easily manage all your own content
  • Options for ongoing support and maintenance if required
  • Promote your site with additional Search engine optimisation packages

Our packages are 100% flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

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Payment options.

You can spread the cost of the initial payment for your site over time.

Typically a smaller website project takes anywhere between 6-12 weeks to complete.

You can spread the cost of the upfront payment for your site over the length of the project to make it more affordable.

For example, for a simple website, the upfront charges are £600, but this initial charge can be spread over 2-3 months whilst we work on the project.

In a rush?

Some clients need websites completed quickly – if this is the case you can simply pay the initial amount and we’ll prioritise your project.

Monthly charges.

The ongoing monthly charges for your site cover three main things.

  • The hosting of your site
  • Licences for your theme and page builder
  • Monthly updates to your WordPress install and plugins

The larger your site is, the more resource it needs on our servers, so for example, a WooCommerce website needs better hosting than a small blog.

Most WordPress frameworks are licenced on an annual basis. If you don’t renew your licence, your website can not be kept up-to-date and this can pose issues with using the site and security.

The monthly updates to your WordPress install and files keep everything running the most recent version so it’s secure and works properly.

Monthly bolt-ons

Some of our clients also like additional technical or SEO support for their sites on a monthly basis.

These can be added to your website if you’d like a maintenance or SEO contract to help improve and market your website.

What will my website look like?

Our framework WordPress sites are built on pre-designed templates that can then be further customised in line with your logo and branding.

This includes:

  • Your own logo and brand colours
  • Branding elements (such as icons)
  • Images
  • Custom web fonts

The website will be designed and customised to work with your branding and other marketing collateral you may already have in place.

During the early stages of the project, we’ll ask you to share any existing branding to we can help you make the right choice for the layout of your website.

Below are a few examples of potential layouts – you’ll have over 500 to choose from for your site, but we’ll help in this process by recommending several we think would work best for your market or niche.


The process.

Websites can be quite complex projects and they are best started with a full plan of action for the complete end-to-end project.

When you work with us on your website, the project will follow these steps.

  1. Scoping – before you commit to anything, we’ll have a chat through the project scope and requirements
  2. Functions – identifying the specific things your website needs to do
  3. Creative – looking at your competitors, your market and niche to see how things should look
  4. Assets – getting all the assets together for the site (text, images and video etc)
  5. Build – building out your site homepage and template files
  6. Content – adding your supplied content to the site, formating it and on-page SEO
  7. Checking & snags – checking through all the pages and marking up any tweaks
  8. Final quality checks – peer checking and internal sign-off
  9. Sign-off – confirming you are happy to go live
  10. Go live & post-live actions – installing SSL certificates, Google checks, optimisation
  11. Hand over & support options – training, maintenance and ongoing SEO options

Once live on our servers, we’ll monitor the site, send you a post-live audit check and make sure everything is spot on!

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The (not so) small print.

Our charges get you a completed WordPress site that’s optimised for the search engines and mobile-friendly.

Your site will be optimised for SEO using the Yoast SEO plugin.

We’ll supply website layouts for you with dummy text, so you can supply your own content (which we’ll add to the site for you)

We also use Premium plugins on your site for functions like contact forms at no extra cost to you.

Time working on your site.

Each package above is charged based on time. We work at £60 per hour (ex VAT) so each package allows a certain amount of developer time to complete the project.

For example, the simple website plan is charged at £600 ex VAT and allows 600 minutes (10 hours) to complete the project.

Should things start (or look to start) running over, we’ll advise on the best approach – our clients often ‘top up’ the time on a project to accommodate extra requests or more complex functionality.

In all things, we employ a good dose of common sense, so if your requirements for the site are going to need more time to complete, we’ll let you know before we start.


There is no minimum contract for this service, but ownership of the site files and data only passes to you after a minimum of 12 months of monthly payments. You can terminate the monthly payments at any time, but your website and hosting will be cancelled.

If you have paid 12 or more monthly payments, the site is then yours to do with as you wish (for example, migrate to your own hosting or invite another developer to work on it).

*  Theme licences are yearly charges to keep certain functions of your site up-to-date and secure. These are included in our charges. Please note that should you migrate your site away from Toast, any licences for themes, plugins or page builders will need to be re-activated at your own cost.

Need something extra?

As your website project develops, you may have additional functions or content you want to add – this is not a problem – if you want to upscale your package at any time you can do so.

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Get started!

If you would like to get started with one of our small website packages, give us a call on 01295 266644 or complete the form and we’ll get in touch.


We’ve tried to cover off the more frequent questions here, but every website project is unique, so if you do have an additional question, drop us an email or call us on 01295 266644.


Does Toast host email?

No – we never advise hosting your email on the same server as your website. Cheap hosting companies offer this as a service, but it can have negative effects on your site. We always recommend a separate service specifically for emails such as Google or Office 365.


Where are the websites hosted?

We host the majority of our websites on WP Engine – a dedicated WordPress hosting company. We have an Agency Account with WPE as we host a lot of sites. Everything is hosted on Google Datacentres in London.


Can I add more content to my site than the initial number of pages or products?

You sure can. These are just the initial pages we’ll be completing for you. Once these are done, you can add new content, clone existing content to create new pages and then re-write the content, add more products and build the size of your site over time.

You are not limited to a maximum number of pages, but note that if your site gets very large, with a lot of traffic, we may have to review your hosting costs.


Do I need to know how to code HTML to manage the site?

Absolutely not. The tools we use make it easy to change and edit content, add images, move content around, manage menus and edit pretty much 99.9% of your website content yourself.

Obviously, the more technically-minded you are, the easier you’ll find it, but we provide training to show you how to manage and update your site.

If you find it too time-consuming or think your time is better spent doing something else, we have support packages so you can ask us to do it!


I have complex requirements, are these packages for me?

No. If your site is complex, large or needs bespoke work done, you’ll need to speak to us about a bespoke quote. You can complete our website briefing questionnaire if you are unsure and we’ll suggest the best route for you.


Who does the work?

At Toast we don’t outsource anything. All the work will be done in-house by our own team of full-time designers and developers.


How is the project managed?

We use software called Basecamp to manage website projects. This keeps all the communication in one place and is very easy to use. Even though multiple staff may work on your project, you will have one main point of contact for the entire process.


Can I use my own images?

Yes – all the better if you have your own images for the site – you can just send them over and we’ll format, optimise and use them.


Does Toast do copywriting?

We do, but this also depends on your product or service. If it’s complex or technical, you might be better with Copy Editing rather than us trying to write complex technical content for you. Either way, we write copy for some clients, edit it for others and simply provide SEO advice for people who supply the final copy.


I need a specific piece of functionality – can this be done?

In short, it depends on what it is. For example, if you need to take bookings online, then an existing WordPress plugin could be used, or we could simply start with a booking form and go from there.

The best thing to do is to get in touch and we’ll advise on the best approach for you.


What happens if I want to cancel the project?

The upfront payment covers our initial work on the project. If you want to cancel an in-progress project, we’ll look at the work done to date and come to an agreement with you.

If you want to cancel a live project, you can do so at any time by giving us one calendar months notice.


Who owns the files?

We’ve created these packages to be affordable. Once live, the WordPress install and all files remain the property of Toast.

Once you have completed 12 monthly payments, you are then free to have all the files and install and do with it as you see fit.


Does Toast do SEO?

Yes – this is one of the most important aspects of having a website. We have a range of SEO packages that suit most budgets – just get in touch to find out more.


I don’t really know what I need; can Toast help?

We’ve designed and build 100s of websites, so we often have a very good idea of what our clients should be doing online – just complete the form, choosing the package you think is best for you and we’ll have a chat through the options.


Do Toast work on larger projects?

Yes – we work on projects ranging from £600 to £25,000 budgets. We have an experienced team that has built and looks after large websites for private and commercial clients.


What plugins do you use?

Where possible, we steer clear of using too many free plugins on the websites we build.

Instead, we have hold developer licences for a wide range of pro plugins such as:

  • Gravity Forms – for building on-page forms, quizzes, surveys and anything where your visitor needs to ask questions
  • Advanced Custom Fields – for building specific content sections for your site
  • YITH plugins – an extensive range of plugins for a wide range of applications

We pay to be able to use these plugins across all the sites we develop.


Do you do Social Media?

Do you need Social Media; that’s the first question we ask here. If you are a lifestyle brand, then yes, we can help you with that too. If you’re a B2B service, you may simply need to maintain a social media presence. We can advise on what’s best for you.


Can Toast help with my current website?

We never advise throwing an existing website in the trash if it can be salvaged or improved. If you have an existing website, the better approach for you may be to improve what you already have – we do lots of that – get in touch for a chat.


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