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As an agency, Toast has been designing and building websites for nearly 20 years, so we know a thing or two about how to do it properly.

Toast’s website designers have worked with a wide range of local Banbury businesses, designing and building everything from small ‘brochure’ style sites to large corporate websites. We’re a WordPress designer in Banbury and everything we build is exclusively on the WordPress platform; this gives our clients the ability to manage their content and the vast majority of the site without having to give us a call.

WordPress empowers businesses of all sizes to make their sites work harder and win them more business.

Built correctly, a website should win you business and effectively pay for itself within 12 months. WordPress is an intuitive content management system with advanced tools for on-page SEO and optimisation.

Far too many companies see their website as a ‘project’ that’s completed when launched – we think a little different. Your website is an ongoing process. Publishing optimised content regularly will get you found and will generate more enquiries about your goods or services, creating more conversions and sales.

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Working with website clients in Banbury

Toast work with clients across the UK, but we’ve also designed and built a lot of sites for local Banbury businesses. Working locally means we can meet more often and discuss projects face-to-face, which improves communication and outcomes.

Everything in house

Whenever you’re talking to website designers Banbury, there are a few very pertinent questions to ask.

Do you do everything in-house?

The answer is often yes, the reality might be a little different.  At Toast, 100% of our WordPress work is done in-house by our team of 12 planners, designers and developers. We’re also a design for print agency, so can help you with every aspect of your design requirements.

Is my site going to be a fully bespoke build?

We work with a lot of clients that thought they we paying for a bespoke website. What they receive is often a free off-the-shelf theme that’s been customised. Great to start with, very problematic as the site develops and you find your web agency actually can’t get  that new functionality you’ve asked for.

All our builds are 100% bespoke and function exactly as our clients need them to.

Will you be optimising the site prior to launch?

A slow site is a bad site. Toast have a 40+ checklist of tweaks and optimisation points that we implement on every new site. This ensures that it’s fast and effective and gets found.

Can you tell me what’s working and what isn’t once it’s gone live?

Once the site is launched, that shouldn’t be the end of the relationship. Make sure your web agency has plans post-live and can communicate how they can help you continually improve your site. A frequently updated site will get found. Toast can help you identify what keywords are bringing you business and show you how to do more of what works.

If you’re looking for web designers, considering a new site, or would like an existing one looked at, get in touch – we offer local clients a free one-hour consultation.

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