WordPress design services

If you’re looking for someone to design and build your next great WordPress website, our team of website geniuses can help you. But not everyone needs the whole package. What if you have a great development team in-house, but just need some help with the design process? We offer an unrivalled WordPress design service to help generate the blueprints for your new site.

Building a website is more than just making something that looks nice. There’s no point in building a beautiful piece of web artistry if nobody ever visits it. It’s also not much use for your customers to click on to a graphically stunning website but not be able to figure out how to navigate it, or even what your company does. They’ll soon be closing the window or hitting the back button, and you’ll have lost the sale.

Let’s take a look at your existing website

The first step of any WordPress design for us is to have a look at your existing site, if you have one. Hopefully, you’ll have Google Analytics installed, so we’ll be able to analyse what is working about your existing site and what still needs some tweaking. This helps us develop the most effective site map for your new project, adding in additional pages where needed.

This leads very well into keyword research. We need to figure out what your customers are typing into Google to find businesses like yours. We have a well-equipped toolbox of gadgets to tell us more about how people are finding your sites – and the sites of your competitors – but a great starting point can be asking you what search terms you’d like to rank higher for on Google.

We hope that you really like your new website, but it’s got to work for someone else as well – your customers. This is why we’ll talk about personas: who uses your website, how they use it, what they expect to find and more – even which devices they use to browse the web. This lets us build a fairly detailed picture of your typical customer and design a website that’ll convert them from prospective browser to your new client. Using our new found information, we can piece together a user journey, following site visitors from their initial Google search to becoming your newest customer.

Is our WordPress design service what you need?

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