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We only do WordPress, and that makes us an agency worth speaking to if you’re considering a new WordPress site, improving an existing one or moving your old site to the WordPress CMS.

We’ve been using WordPress since it was just seen as a blogging platform – even back then we were able to see the potential of WordPress as a bespoke website build platform.

A lot has changed, and WordPress has come a long way, but we still approach all our sites in the same way – from a users point-of-view – and there are two types of user – you and your visitors.

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We’re a content-first WordPress Agency.

Many of our clients ‘just need a new website’. The old one just doesn’t work, the old web agency has gone out of business, or they just fancy a change.

Whatever the reason, at Toast we guide our clients through the whole process of putting a site together.

You’ll work with people that don’t just design and develop sites – they understand how the site relates to your business and what it needs to do.

As your website is a 24/7 marketing tool it should bring you new business enquiries on a daily basis. Getting to this point takes time and investment, and if your WordPress build isn’t up to standard from the start, you could end up wasting your money.

We’ll help you by looking at your objectives, and how best your site can achieve them.

And talk to you about your content, what you’ll need to produce to start ranking in the search engines and how best to structure your site to get the best results.

We’ll also build you a WordPress site that works specifically with the type of content you want to have on your site. No more battling with the WYSIWYG editor – we build in sections into the post and page admin screens that are designed for your content.

We also pride ourselves on our ‘no jargon’ approach – we’ll listen to what you want, and explain in plain English how we can get you there. If you’ve already got a website, we’ll even audit your website to benchmark how much better your (eventual) new one will be.

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Keeping things simple

Just because it’s a website, it doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune.

A good example of this is how much WordPress saves time by working out-of-the-box – this reduces the setup time and fees and saves you money.

No building of a CMS is required, and this can save days and days of expensive coding.

It’s all there already so we can concentrate on specific functional requirements, design and content.

Manage it yourself

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.

We’re an agency that believes our clients should be able to manage at least 90% of the content on their sites. No messing around with code and CSS – just well built and intuitive admin screens. Most of the sites we build have live pages with CMS pages to match – no text boxes with messy code and complicated shortcodes.

Do You want to add an image? We’ll add a section for that, need a table that you can add rows? We’ll add that to the admin area. We build sites that do what our clients need – not 100s of things they don’t.

Toast can design and build you a new site in WordPress that really performs. If you’re looking for a WordPress agency to help you get more from your site drop us an email.

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We can help with all things WordPress.

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