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WordPress for temporary websites

The thing about websites for exhibitions or consultations is that they are often only required for a specific amount of time. An exhibition might last only a few weeks, whereas a consultation might run for months or years – some form of temporary website design is needed here!

Out of the box functionality.

WordPress provides you with a wide range of options for site functions. These can be quick and cost-effective to set up and will include things like:

  • Visitor forms – build bespoke form for your website for people to fill in. These could be comment forms for consultations or ticket booking forms for events.
  • Mailing lists – have sign-ups straight on your website that can plug into a wide range of CRMs
  • Galleries – WordPress makes it simple to add large galleries with lightbox effects
  • Downloads – host PDFs and other documents for visitor downloads
  • Site Registrations – ask visitors to register with the site for access to certain materials or site sections

There’s a wide range of things that can be added to your site if it’s for a pop-up or temporary event or a consultation that will make the website work harder for you.

Speed of deployment

We’ve designed and built a lot of consultation-based websites over the years for developers, local government and councils. One thing that always impresses clients is how quickly a WordPress site can be developed.

There are often lots of last-minute copy changes and alterations that need to be addressed. WordPress makes it easy for these changes to happen quickly.

What’s more, the development and build of the site can go on behind-the-scenes, with a holding page put in place until the site is ready. These means that websites for exhibitions or consultations can have an almost instance presence on the internet. We also offer our own consultation services to help you plan content and functions for the site if required.

Fully responsive

Websites for exhibitions or consultations have to work across all devices. There’s a very good chance that your visitors will be mobile, so we design and build sites that work correctly on all devices.

If you’re sure the audience will be on tablets and phones, then we can also adopt a mobile-first approach to the site build, ensuring speed and usability on smaller devices is paramount.

Ongoing management

What PR teams and event managers really like about the WordPress sites we design and build is the ability to take control of the day-to-day management of the site. There are always changes to copy, new images and new documents for downloading. 

With a little training, these site tweaks are easy to manage. Our sites also have a preview button, allowing you to check your content looks great before it’s pushed live.

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We can look after the entire process, from design and build to hosting and ongoing updates.

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