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Web design agency

Web design agency

Looking for a new web design agency? That's us.

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Do you need a new website?

At Toast, we design and develop 100% bespoke websites on the WordPress CMS. We’ve created 100s of hard-working sites that win our clients new business.

If you’re considering a new website, get a quote from Toast.  Our proposal includes:

  • Site planning and visitor profiling
  • Target markets, personas, persona keyword planning, keyword intent
  • SEO research, content planning and full on-page SEO
  • Sector research and competitor analysis
  • Information architecture, wireframing, user journeys

And much more – and all before we even start to think about what your site is going to look like.


Are we the right agency for you?

We work with people that want more than ‘just’ a website.

Done properly, your new website should get more traffic, more list signups, deeper visits, more enquiries and ultimately more new business.

If that’s you, then it’s worth getting in touch.

If you ‘just need a website’, then we’re probably not for you – we are not ‘fast and cheap’ and we stopped building websites that never surface in the search a long time ago.

We do everything in-house and have 13-strong team of designers, developers, digital marketers and support staff. 

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We took Bronnley from a tired and hard-to-use CMS to WordPress and Woocommerce; the team are finding the new site is easier to use and out-performing the pervious one.
Web design agency

From intial planning

We’ll help you to plan your site properly. No spoon-feeding required.

Our process is front-loaded with research and planning to make sure your new site starts working hard from day one.

Research-driven planning means that your new site will resonsate well with your target audience, get found in searches and convert new business.


To design and development

While a crucial part of the process, our design and build stages start after we’ve planned everything.

Too many web ‘design’ agencies do exactly that; they design you a nice looking site that doesn’t do much more than look nice.

Our design work is data-driven; we design sites that work for your visitor, not your MD’s colour preferences.

And ongoing support

Once your site is live, the real work begins. You can’t just ‘launch and leave it’.

You’ll need ongoing help with on-page SEO, new content production, keyword tracking, landing pages, and much more.

We’ll work with you and your new site to continually improve it, increase traffic, conversions and sales.

We work on small sites, large corporate sites and everything in between. Our full-service approach means that we can help you with all your digital marketing needs.
Web design agencies

Website Audit

How good is your current site?

If you’ve got a current website that’s not performing quite as well as it should be, we can run a free website audit to help you highlight exactly what might be wrong with it.

You can do as much SEO and digital marketing as you like, but if your site is not built properly, all your hard work will be for nothing!

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