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We can design and build the perfect WordPress theme for your site.

Do you need a custom theme design for WP? Then you’ve come to the right place – our digital team have been creating dynamic, functional bespoke themes for over 10 years.

Theme design is one of the main reasons we love developing websites with WordPress – we’re able to design and build websites that do exactly what you need them to do.

The raft of free themes available have become design classics, and for a nominal fee, you can buy one of the thousands of off the shelf templates out there.

However, if you’re building a website for a business, you’re unlikely to find exactly what you are looking for in a prepackaged form.

Rather than paying a developer by the hour to perform endless tweaks for you, it can be faster and more affordable to get a custom theme design.

Recent projects

A plan Wordpress website

Bespoke WordPress site for A-Plan Insurance, hosted securely on HTTPS to keep the site secure.

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Rugby World Cup WordPress Site

A completely bespoke build using custom WooCommerce templates to achieve custom functions for this WordPress site.

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Who just needs a theme design?

If you already have a WP website and it’s working well – properly search engine optimised, filled to the brim with awesome content, regularly updated – then you don’t want to upset that.

In fact, starting from scratch again could be a very costly exercise when all you need is a facelift.

Applying a new WP theme to your existing site is a simple process, and it won’t mean reloading all of your previous content.

What makes a good template?

The best templates do far more than just look good.

They speed up access to your site, improve SEO rankings, engage visitors instantly and assisted in smoothing the user journey around your website.

Each template that we build is also responsive, so you can ensure that your site looks amazing on mobile phones, tablets and more – websites aren’t just for desktops anymore!

Our first step is always to talk to you and find out a bit more about how your website works.

By identifying your needs, we’ll be able to create a theme design that’ll suit your business and your customers.

It’s more than just theme design on the front end

When we design a theme for you, we go much further than just the look and feel on the front end.

We create custom admin pages too, creating custom layouts in the WP admin so the correct fields are displayed on posts and pages to hold the content you want on there.

Although these don’t form part of the custom theme design, they do form part of your bespoke WordPress install and the theme then contains all the code to make everything work.

This makes managing your sites content quick and easy.

Whether you just need text content or specific sections with images or videos, we design the admin pages to display all the content fields you need on the page.

This also means that you can add specific content sections to the posts and pages and drag content around to your liking.

On top of this, it makes it easier for you to optimise your text content for search engine optimisation and manage this process quicker.

Recent projects

Hospital WordPress Site

Custom built WordPress site for a private hospital in Banbury.

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Westminster UTC Wordpress website

WP theme design for SSM UTC with custom templates and functionality.

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Isn’t that just a site builder?

Yes, and no.

There are many site builders like Site Origin and Beaver Builder. These allow you to add lots of different content blocks to the pages and then add content to these boxes.

The main difference is that…

It’s not really theme design. Our CMS build only adds in exactly what you need, and all the styling (CSS) is done beforehand.

With site builders, you can spend an eternity playing around with different settings, choosing fonts and so on.

If you’re not careful, this can lead to every section of your site looking slightly different – a definite no-no from a UX perspective and not great if you’re trying to keep everything on-brand.

So how does this benefit you?

Having your own custom theme saves time, money and hassle. We can take your existing website and move it to a new bespoke theme, or we can create a fresh install on a new custom theme and help you port the content across.

For reference, you can read more about theme design in the WordPress Codex.

Either way, a new theme will open up your website, make it faster and easier to manage.

If you’re looking for a web agency to help you move or improve your existing WP site, we’d love to talk to you.

Give us a call on 01295 266644 or click below to send us a message.

Get in touch for a no-obligtion chat about your requirements

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