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Stop battling with your legacy CMS. Moving to WordPress will make your site better, faster and will win you more business online.

WordPress now powers over 25% of sites on the internet. Built properly, a WordPress-based site will give you a site to be proud of.

We work with clients to move their old sites over to WordPress (re-platforming). We don’t just build you a new site, we research your current site, it’s ranking and positions and structure. We then port the site over, retaining the existing design, or developing a new look and feel. 

When it’s done properly, moving to WordPress will have a huge impact on your sites performance. Read our blogs below to find out more.

Re-platforming to WordPress

Posted by David, on May 23, 2016. Tags: ,

If your current site is built on a legacy CMS, the time may have come to consider re-platforming to WordPress. Many existing CMS systems can be re-platformed to WordPress relatively quickly, but there are things to consider before you start. If you have an old website, there’s a good chance that managing it is problematic. […]

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